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Mass rally of pro-Leader ralliers in Tehran splendid

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 31, IRNA -- Millions of Tehrani pro-leader ralliers marched in an around Tehran’s Enghelab Square Wednesday evening, denouncing insults against 3rd Shi’a Imam on eventful Ahoura Day of last week.

According to IRNA reporter downtown, some of the slogans chanted by the Wednesday ralliers in Tehran included “If you seek the Right Path, ours is the best, with no exception: Love of Hussain (P)”, “Karbala is Beyond Time and Place”, and “We will never Get Tired”.

Although on Sunday morning last week, the Ashoura Day, when the people were mourning at Hussainiyehs and mosques on the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain (P) and his faithful disciples the so called green movement fans found the streets uncrowded and were braved to chant as many anti-religious, anti-Islamic system slogans as they wished to, on Wednesday evening the roaring masses of pro-leader ralliers created another golden page in the glorious history of the Islamic Revolution.

Many hours before the officially announced hour of the ralliers’ grand gathering at Enghelab Square the traffic jams in streets around that downtown capital city’s square were quite noticeable.

Some of the ralliers were wearing white shrouds over their black shirts, the first one meaning readiness for martyrdom in the way of their faith and their second one a sign of mourning on the occasion of Imam Hussain’s martyrdom anniversary.

On their white shrouds they had written in red ink, “May My Life Be Sacrificed for the Health of the Leader”, “Hussain, Hussain is Our Motto, Martyrdom is Our Pride”, “A Beckon from the Leader, Hasty Presence at the Scene on My Behalf”, and “Khameneie is the Prophet’s Offspring, His Enemy is Impotent”.

IRNA correspondent says he had never seen so much people at one place, adding, “These people can tell the truth from falsehood perfectly well, and they are the true followers of the leader, unlike the corrupt opposition leaders, who dance to the tune of the aliens and the enemies.”

Is there anyone in Tehran who has not headed for Enghelab Square? Neither any pen, nor any camera is capable of capturing so much splendid grandeur.

The number of ralliers keeps increasing as the moments pass and the black clad ralliers who love Imam Hussain (P) and the Hussain of our time have covered the entire length and width from of the street from Azadi Square to Imam Hussain Square.

The ralliers also chant anti opposition leaders’ slogans and compare them with the killers of Imam Hussain (P), creating another epic in the history of the revolution.

Demanding death penalty for the rioters and their leaders, the ralliers stress that the anti-system demonstrators in the post presidential election protests are entirely either hypocrites, or atheists, wishing to overthrow the dear Islam in Iran and that they al deserve death unless they would solemnly repent before God and the nation.

The first speaker for the ralliers, Haaj Saeid Haddadian after performing some religious mourning hymns stresses that throughout the world no one is fit for the leadership of the Islamic Ummah, save for the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

The keynote speaker for the ralliers, the Friday Prayer Leader of Mash’had and a Leadership Experts Council Member Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Allamalhoda, too, advised the opposition leaders to repent, since otherwise they would be regarded as outlawed warriors against the Islamic system whose death is obligatory, stressing, “In that case it would be the people, along with the system that would encounter you appropriately.”

He further stressed, “Opposing the fundamental behind the supremacy of the Supreme Leader equals opposing the 12th Imam (May God Hasten His Reappearance), opposing the fundamental of Imamate, opposing the Glorious Qur’an and opposing the entirety Islam.”

Elsewhere in his address Ayatollah Allamalhoda compared the green movement ralliers and their opposition leaders with a bunch of kids and calves who have created this deceitful sedition.”

Addressing the pro-leader ralliers, he said, “You are highly prestigious as you are comparable with the disciples of the Emir of the Pious, Imam Ali (P), and his honor is proud of you.”

Allamalhoda also asked the entire nation not to remain idle for the next move of the rioters, adding, “Observing pacifism and permitting a bunch of nasty hooligans to commit all types of wretched crimes is unacceptable. You people should take the lead of the social moves and annihilate those who have been opposing the Supreme Leader for some six months.”


End News / IRNA / News Code 870130

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