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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Mottaki: If westerners breach laws, Iran would begin 20% enrichment process

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Beirut, Dec 22, IRNA -- IRI foreign minister said here Monday if westerners would fail in performing their legal obligations in fuel provision for Tehran reactor, Iran would begin its 20% uranium enrichment as last choice for the purpose.

Mottaki who was speaking at a press conference during his visit of Lebanon comprised of Lebanese and other foreign media reporters initially elaborated on the objectives of his ongoing visit.

He also answered the media reporters, including one who asked him about Iran’s reaction to new western sanctions due to Iran’s nuclear activities.

He replied, “The west’s hasty, reactionary stand taking about the provision of fuel for Tehran Experimental Nuclear Reactor that is merely involved in medical research work, revealed the real intentions of the west for the Iranian nation.”

He added, “That stand taking proved that despite its entire self claimed commitments towards humanitarian issues, the west prefers to politicize entire matters.”

Referring to the French foreign minister’s comments regarding Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, he added, “The French should not echo the defeated remarks and policies of the British and the Americans during the past couple of years.”

He added, “They had better preserve the prestige of France and act independently.”

In response to a question on the Middle East developments, Mottaki said, “The Zionist regime has launched two inhumane wars in recent years in Lebanon and in Gaza, which thanks God in both of them it faced the brave resistance of the Lebanese and the Palestinian nations, and tasted such humiliating defeats that were unmatched throughout the history of its illegal entity.”

He added, “The dimensions of the crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza were so broad that they are still discussed at international organizations some two years after that war.”

The Iranian top diplomat said, “The regional nations have realized today how to resist against the criminal acts of the Zionist regime and how to impose new humiliating defeats against that regime.”

Elsewhere in the press conference emphasizing that Iran-Lebanon relations are quite comprehensive, Mottaki asked for speedy activation of the economic committees and convening of the second round of the two countries’ joint economic commission.

A reporter asked about the border misunderstanding between Iran and Iraq over Fakkeh Oil field.

Mottaki replied, “Following our talks with the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, it was agreed that bilateral technical committees would be commissioned to survey the related reached agreements.”

On the latest status of the three arrested US citizens near Iran-Iraq border, Mottaki said, “The filed of those three US citizens is under survey at the Judiciary Force and the hearing session of one of them is completed.”

He added, “The court verdicts for him would be issued in near future.”

In response to a question on Yemen conflict, he said, “The developments in Yemen are the internal concern of Sana, we should not interfere in internal affairs of other countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran fends for Yemen’s territorial integrity and national solidarity, believing that the emerged difficulties there can be solved resorting to negotiations.”

A reporter asked about the fate of the four kidnapped Iranian diplomats in Lebanon three decades ago. The IRI Minister of Foreign Affairs said, “Thirty years has passed since they were kidnapped in the course of a plot both hatched and implemented by the Zionist regime aimed at an inhumane objective.”

He added, “In my meeting today with the Lebanese President Michele Aoun, I appreciated him for the establishment of a special committee to survey the fate of the four Iranian diplomats and in my meeting with the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, too, the matter was further stressed.”

Mottaki expressed hope that relying on the conducted surveys the dimensions of the criminal issue would soon be revealed.”

He meanwhile referred to the interference of certain countries in Lebanon’s internal affairs, emphasizing, “The Lebanese nation and government are mature and Lebanon is not in need of any guardian. This country particularly realizes its interests regarding the Zionist regime very well.”

The foreign minister stressed, “When the (former) US president George W. Bush presented a plan for the election of the Lebanese president right after he woke up form his night sleep, regardless of the prevailing laws in Lebanon, that plan was a case of direct interference in other countries’ affairs, but if the regional countries consult aimed at surveying Lebanon’s problems and present solutions this is by no means a case of interference.”


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