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Defense Min's 3-day visit of Syria ends

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Damascus, Dec 12, IRNA -- 3-day official visit of IRI Minister of Defense and Logistical Support of Armed Forces Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi of Syria ended Friday night, when he left for Tehran.

Vahidi who was in Damascus atop a high ranking delegation for security talks was both received and seen off by his host, the Syrian Defense Minister General Ali Muhammad Habib.

The Iranian minister in addition to two rounds of technical military talks with his host and counterpart was also received by the Syrian leader and President Bashar al-Assad.

The two countries’ defense ministers during their two rounds of talks discussed regional security and joint military arrangements, leading to signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

President Assad, too, during his meeting with Vahidi said that his country’s relations with Iran are of great importance in terms of strengthening regional security and stability.

The Syrian president also praised Iran’s support for the continuation of resistance in the region and asked for its strong continuation.

He meanwhile emphasized the need for further deepening of the defense and military relations between the two brother countries.

Brigadier General Vahidi, too, during the meeting with the Syrian president after conveying President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s warmest regards and seasonal greetings, said that the two countries’ leaders’ strong will for establishment and maintenance of deepest and strongest ties has led to the emergence of deep-rooted, comprehensive relations, as well as strengthening the culture of resistance in the political literature of the region.

In the MoU signed between the two defense ministers in addition to the need for ever stronger defense and military relations between the two countries, need for efforts aimed at the establishment of comprehensive regional security pact are stressed.”

The two sides have meanwhile considered cooperation in military field as an important factor aimed at broadening political, security and economic relations between the two countries.

Exchange of experience in defense field and regular and continual meetings of the Joint Defense Cooperation Committee are among the most important articles in the signed MoU.

The Iranian defense minister said after signing the MoU with his Syrian counterpart, “Our relations with Syria are both strategic and deep-rooted, and in order to further deepen them we have scheduled for regular rotating visits.”

Vahidi added, “By signing this MoU both countries would contribute to strengthening Syria’s defense capabilities and assist the establishment of sustainable peace and security in the region.”

Referring to the great military and defense capabilities that Syria has acquired in the course of its history, General Vahidi said, “It is quite natural that a country like Syria, with such a notorious, trouble-maker neighbor as Israel that does not respect any of the international, or even humane norms, laws, and values, needs to maintain full military capabilities full time.”

The Syrian defense minister, too, said that Tehran-Damascus will for encountering the joint enemy is quite strong and signing the defense MoU further strengthens it.

General Ali Muhammad Habib added, “We have declared our mutual will for broadening and strengthening relations on a daily basis and we would definitely implement it.”

He reiterated, “My country’s cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran would increase both countries’ capabilities and strengthen mutual will for encountering our joint enemies.”

The Deputy Commander in Chief of the Syrian Armed Forces said, “Signing this MoU is proof for our countries’ mutual will for grater unity and solidarity aimed at encountering shared challenges and stronger effective resistance against pending threats from our joint enemies.”

Brigadier General Vahidi also received Syria’s Medal of Cooperation and Friendship during the visit.


End News / IRNA / News Code 836336

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