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Intelligence Min: Some insiders assist arrogance in confrontation against divine values

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Qom, Dec 10, IRNA -- Intelligence Min referring to role of some insiders in soft war said here Wednesday arrogance and its allies have always confronted revolution and its divine values; some insiders’ assistance to their plots is noticeable.

According to IRNA correspondent in Qom, Hojjatoleslam Heydar Moslehi added in his address for Qom Seminary scholars and Alims at Auditorium of the historic Feyziyeh School, “Plots hatched by the enemies in post-election era led to generating a sedition and this sedition resembles an iceberg foliating in an ocean, only a small fraction of it which that is out of the water is visible.”

He further elaborated, asking two affirmative questions, “Of whom was the grand Prophet of Islam (P) scared, when he was about to introduce (Imam) Ali (P— as his spiritual and administrative inheritor) and who were behind the discord promoting post-Qadir events?”

He added, “Today the Islamic Revolution is put in a quite identical position (as the Prophet’s in the advent of Islam).”

Moslehi reiterated, “The Supreme Source of Jurisprudence (Vali-ye Faqih) both at the time of the late Imam (Khomeini – P) and today, has always been faced with conspiracies, such as the sedition of Banisadr, the sedition of the MKO, and the sedition of (Ayatollah) Montazeri, but the ongoing sedition is especially complicated.”

He added, “Unfortunately, in elaboration of these conspiracies for the people, particularly for the young generation, no artistic documentary work has been presented to the public, which is the reason why they get dizzy when they get confronted with today’s events, since otherwise they would have easily elaborated them.”

The Intelligence Minister referring to the negative roles played by some insiders of the system and their “sons”, in the soft war launched by the enemies said, “Who defamed Zobeir? (one of the Prophet’s disciples, at the advent of Islam after the Prophet’s demise). For whom has the Supreme Leader opened both his arms to embrace and to be kind to, but they, and their offspring in return keep imposing their heavy pressure (against him), not appreciating so much kindness?”

Moslehi said, “The sedition hatched for today is so complicated that some people still assume it is an election quarrel; but unfortunately, according to accurate information, in this sedition many of the forces of whom we did not expect (any harm from) and (they) should have been deeply affectionate fans of the Supreme Source of Jurisprudence, got aligned with those who have taken front against the Supreme Leader.”

He reiterated, “This time in the soft war of the arrogance the entirety of the system is threatened and challenged from within. Who are the ones that are standing in the opposite front against the Leader and resisting today?”

President Ahmadinejad’s Intelligence Minister reiterated, “Those whose conditions are chaotic today assume that country is crisis-hit, but as an informed official of the system I hereby declare that we are performing our tasks and the country is not faced with any crisis.”

He reiterated, “Those who used to consider a safe margin for themselves should know that the society no longer recognizes that safe margin; they can no longer crucify the Intelligence Ministry’s offspring that are busy surveying their files.”

Focusing on Azar 16th (Dec 7th, University Students Day) events, Moslehi said, “On that day the broad scale preparations made for making up for their defeat on Aban 13th (Nov 4th, anniversary of US Espionage Den’s fall) also faced another humiliating defeat and the crowd they had managed to gather was smaller than 1,200 people.”

The Intelligence Minister reiterated, “These were the people whom they (the dissidents) had counted on for structure-breaking and the country’s radio-television networks showed a corner of them; but the seminaries, too, should form an intensive solid front against that structure-breaking group.”

Moslehi added, “When a grand personality like the late Imam (Khomeini – P) is insulted, we should not remain silent; what is the response of those who claim to be the wayfarers of the late Imam’s path when they encounter such a norm braking move?”

He said, “Unfortunately, a group of insiders, whom we had assumed were the soldiers of the Supreme Source of Jurisprudence, have fallen, are still not prepared for yielding to the words of the Leader, nor to take fronts against the sedition.”

The Intelligence Minister reiterated, “A pamphlet was found at the office of one of the leaders of the sedition in which ways to overthrow the system were explained in details, and this person is the son of an insider.”

Moslehi added, “When this person was asked how he had prepared that pamphlet, he referred to names of people that shocked us, and the entire movements and issued communiqués, too, are in line with that pamphlet.”

He added, “The new social movement with a network reality is the title of their new movement, whose characteristics are being secular, atheist (anti-religion), and aimed at overthrowing, with the literature of the (former pro-USSR) Tudeh (masses) Party.”

The Intelligence Minister reiterated, “This movement is in the opposite front against Islam and comprised of the entire antagonist movements, including the MKO, and even the religious forces.”

Moslehi pointed out that the enemies have worked on the mentality of some insiders through inspiring their sons.

He reiterated, “The frequenting of some people ever since a fortnight before the election to and from Britain is both surprising and shocking.”

Moslehi reiterated, “The central core of this sedition needs to be identified, and those who are familiar with research work, if they would step forth, we would provide them with lots of various documents so that they would introduce the reality of these people, and enable us to dismantle any plot they would intend to hatch (anew).”


The Intelligence Minister in response to a question on why Hashemi Rafsanjani’s offspring are not confronted, said, “Moves are underway in this regard, but we want to move in a way not to intrigue the antagonists to take advantage and create epics.”

On Expediency Council Chairman and Leadership Assembly Speaker Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s adopted stands, he said, “In his recent visit of Mash’had, his honor has declared that his stands are the same as what he had earlier declared at (his last Tehran) Friday Prayer sermons, and the shocking matter is that he utters the same issues that are put forth in the communiqués of the leaders of the sedition, assuming they are laws.”

He added, “Mr. Hashemi has for instance claimed that in the country we have three million elites that are not aligned with the system.”

Moslehi added, “Hashemi has also claimed that so long as the people favor the Supreme Source of Jurisprudence he should remain (in power), but if they would no longer favor him he should step aside. (Hearing these sentences, the audience chanted the slogans “Down with anti-Supreme Jurisprudence” and “Down with the Hypocrite” – although Hashemi’s exact quotation was “So long as the people are with us, we should remain, but when the people would no longer want us, we should step aside.)


The Intelligence Minister reiterated in his address for the scholars at historic Fayziyeh School, “The entire cabinet members have signed the covenant to remain faithful to religious values, the clerics, and the Supreme Source of Jurisprudence (Vali-ye Faqih), and the president stresses this matter strongly.”

Moslehi added, “The orientation of the 9th and the 10th governments is in line with the objectives of the revolution and they move in the path laid by the late Imam (Khomeini – P) and his ideals, as well as the will of the Supreme Leader.”

He said, “The relation between the government and the seminaries has roots in our beliefs, and although there might be issues over which there might be complaints, but they do not mean lack of interest, of disbelief.”

Moslehi reiterated, “We consider the rule of Vali-ye Faqih, too, as (divine as) the issue of (Islam’s) sources of jurisprudence, and also the political system formed over that foundation and in line with that mentality (is divine for us), and in near future you would be witnesses to the close relations among the government, the seminaries, and the sources of jurisprudence.”

He added, “Those who during their tenure attached no value to the sources of jurisprudence have now picked out their handkerchiefs and begun shedding crocodile’s tears, while it is obvious what a group of them are up to, and which certain moves are underway.”

The Intelligence Minister reiterated, “Some sources of jurisprudence narrate that some people never contacted them during their own tenure, but they are now forwarding their representatives to them.”


End News / IRNA / News Code 834053

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