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Saeidi: Iran has long term plan for construction of more nuclear power plants

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Feb 26, IRNA – Deputy Head of Iran’s Nuclear Energy Organization in Planning and International Affairs Mohammad Saeidi emphasized here Wednesday night Iran has long term plan for constructing more nuclear plants, and has therefore to produce part of required fuel locally.

Saeidi who was answering the question of IRIB Channel 2 on the occasion of test opening of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, reiterated, “At this stage the entire required mechanical, electrical, and control tests are ran numerous times.”

He added, “One of the most important indexes at this stage is the tests of the main reactor, which are conducted by filling it tanks with virtual fuel, that takes a whole moth, following which the reactor would be tested and at next stage, following a complicated process, the real nuclear fuel would be injected to the reactor’s fuel tanks.”

Saeidi expressed hope that by grace of God Iran would produce nuclear energy next year.

Speaking about the Russian partners repeated delays in putting Bushehr Plant to use, he said, “The first reason was that this plant was initially designed by the Western technicians and changing the systems to match with Russian standards took about a year’s time.”

He added, “The other reason was the difficulties we had in matching the Western and the Eastern facilities, as well as the occurred changes within the Russian management system in the process of the job.”

Saeidi ruled out the possibility of political causes for the occurred delays in putting Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant to work, arguing, “We did not notice such intentions on the part of our Russian partners.”

On extent of IAEA supervision and information about the tests related to putting to use Bushehr Plant, he said, “The agency has from the very beginning be fully informed of the entire developments related to this project, particularly regarding the agreed time with Russia for receiving the required fuel.”

He said that the IAEA is currently inspecting the progress in Bushehr, although not regularly, adding, “Such inspections would be intensified following the receiving of our nuclear fuel.”

He referred to IAEA outgoing chief Muhamed ElBaradei’s latest report in which he has noted that Iran has one metric ton and 10 kilograms of uranium at its disposal currently, adding, “Regarding the extent of trust in Russians for providing the required fuel, we have contracts with them, but there is no international guarantee regarding the provision of the required nuclear fuel of the countries.”

Saeidi added, “Relying on its capabilities, the Islamic Republic of Iran has to produce a part of the nuclear fuel it needs, and to spend another part of those technical capabilities in construction of new reactors.”

He said that despite the hue and cry raised by some foreign media, the security and environmental standards of Bushehr Nuclear Plant are among the most strict and latest updated international standards.

Elsewhere in the interview Saeidi emphasized that the Nuclear Power Plants are not capable of manufacturing nuclear weapons, as some Western media try to convey the idea, adding, “The 3 to 5 percent enriched uranium, too, cannot be used for military purposes.”

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