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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran says Bush is covering up his failures

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA
Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said on Monday that US President George W. Bush has resorted to make unfounded allegations against Iran to cover up his failures in the Middle East.

In reaction to US President George W. Bush's statement in Abu Dhabi to endanger Iranian relations with the neighboring states, Hosseini said since President Bush has failed to win support of Islamic and Arab countries over his methodology of dealing with issue of Palestine, he attempted to put the blame on others.

The US president should know that the people of the world are annoyed with his policies and he has no way but to avoid ignoring them by rhetoric and outdated allegations, Hosseini said.

He said that on the last year of his presidency, President Bush tries to cover up the failure of his seven years term through bellicose remarks, occupation, promotion of terrorism and widespread threats and insecurity in the globe.

Hosseini said that the attempt made by President Bush to isolate Iran dated back to diplomacy of colonialist era of the past decades which has roots in lack of understanding from concrete ties between regional countries.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and regional countries have lived in peace for many years before birth of the United States of America and expansion of ties with the countries in the region is among Iran's foreign policy, Hosseini said.

The wrong policies of the neo-conservatives at US administration have taken shape on the basis of misunderstanding and wrong concept which led them to commit historical and unacceptable mistakes in Iraq, he said adding that unfortunately, the same policy is being followed in other areas by the Bush Administration.

Hosseini said that Bush's remarks showed that his Administration has not learned lessons from its wrong policies which have escalated terrorism and insecurity in the region.

The US administration always stirs up fear and anxiety among countries of the region to create security atmosphere and advance its goals, he said.

"The Bush administration is not satisfied with the sound and logical approach about Iranian nuclear program and tries to create obstacles for cooperation between Iran and IAEA through hue and cry." He advised President Bush to respect public opinion of the American people and that of the world in the last days of his presidency and avoid cheating and misleading them.

Elsewhere in his statement, Hosseini called for the Bush Administration to halt inhuman and savage tortures in Guantanamo Bay and other prisons of the CIA in Europe and stop violation of human rights and social rights of the nations.


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