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Bushehr NPP operation to place Iran atop list of ME, Muslim states in nuclear power plants

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, Dec 22, IRNA
Inauguration of Bushehr nuclear power plant, which is under construction in cooperation with Russia, will put Iran on top of the list of countries in the region and the world of Islam in terms of possession of nuclear power plants.

Iran's ambassador to Russia, Gholam-Reza Ansari told IRNA that though it should have been operational long ago and that certain technical and financial problems, created by Russians, were the factors prolonging the project, operation of Bushehr nuclear power plant would give way to new conditions in the region and Iran.

Hence, while being the first country to have the nuclear fuel cycle technology in the region, Iran will be the only country in the Middle East and the world of Islam to have nuclear power plant for generating electricity, he added.

The diplomat said shipment of the first consignment of nuclear fuel for Bushehr nuclear plant from Russia to Iran and completion of the power plant based on the contracts signed earlier, had been among the obligations of Russia.

Completion of the project would also raise the credit and position of Russia as a global power and a country building nuclear power plants worldwide, he added.

"Therefore, completion of operations for construction of Bushehr nuclear power plant over the past 11 years under IAEA supervision, while honoring all international regulations, will in fact help Russia maintain its global prestige. Operation of the power plant too will be a sign of the country's adherence to its international commitments," he added.

The diplomat said, "Furthermore, with full delivery of the nuclear fuel and operation of Bushehr nuclear power plant, Russia will be able to gain a historical position as founder of nuclear power plants in Iran. This will be times more important than establishment of a foundry in Isfahan or an auto manufacturing firm in Tabriz over the past years, while giving a growing positive prestige for Russia in affording valuable assistance to Iran, he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ansari said that the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Iran and his meetings with Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as well as visit of Iran's secretary of Supreme National Security Council to Moscow and meetings of Iranian and Russian foreign ministers in Tehran and Moscow had left significant impacts on shipment of fuel to Bushehr nuclear power plant.

"The new conditions created following the NIE report regarding the civilian nature of Iran's nuclear program as well as the IAEA report on Iran's full cooperation, provided Russia with the best opportunity to act on its commitment by sending Bushehr NPP's fuel."
Elsewhere in the interview, Ansari touched on Russia's stance on Iran's peaceful nuclear program, while referring to relations between Tehran and Moscow over the past two years in nuclear field and ups and downs in the field.

"The favorable present conditions, in which both Tehran and Moscow lie, have made it possible for the two parties in the period to understand each other's positions considering the criticisms raised over the issue," he said.

He said that in the period, Russians have been calling for Iran's full cooperation with the IAEA, while withstanding US and western extremism in the UN Security Council and having an effective role in softening the anti-Iran resolutions.

He added, "Though there are views in Iran that Russian should have shown more resistance in that regard, present condition of Iran's nuclear activities and the side-events show that mutual understanding should be built in that connection."


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