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Larijani: NIE report cannot be covered up

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 17, IRNA
Envoy of the Supreme Leader in the Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani said here Monday that the NIE report cannot be covered up.

"The report is not an event which can be covered up by four diplomatic exchange of visits," Larijani told reporters when asked about Israeli delegation's visit to the US following release of the NIE report on Iran's nuclear issue.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of the Seminar on Basij and Soft Power, Larijani said, "These (Israel and the US) hold meetings on security issues every now and then and they are each other's allies."

He went on to say, "Many of our regional disputes stem from the role the Zionists play in the US power structure and the issue that Israel is not alone and Americans are behind the curtain was fully evident in Israel's attack on Lebanon last year. Therefore, they have always such a kind of engagement with each other and we do not see any reason to fear the issue."

According to the official, "We don't mind whether the issue had any problem or what were the motivations in issuance of such a report. However, (we believe) such a report created a political upheaval on the international level to the extent that no one can cover it up through exchange of visits."

To a question about visit of French Deputy Foreign Minister to Lebanon following assassination of Lebanese senior Army General Francois El-Haj and also about elections in Lebanon, Larijani said the assassination was a plot in which the Zionists had a role because political scene of Lebanon was in favor of a unity. "Americans were not pleased with closure of the Group March 14 and the opposition groups in Lebanon."

He added, "We should not think visit of French Deputy Foreign Minister had much influence on Lebanon. They have made so many of these visits in the past but now they feel Lebanese groups should stand on their own in order for future of Lebanon."

On close relations among Lebanese groups, Larijani said, "Let's see. As they (the Lebanese groups) seek adventurism and as Americans wish to hamper peace and unity in Lebanon, other players should try to get re-united in Lebanon."

Asked about delay in the fourth round of Iran-US talks on Iraq and if Iraqi officials' over-emphasis on the talks isn't illogical, Larijani said, "In my opinion, the insistence is not illogical. Iraqis have since the past had a sound analysis of their country's conditions and ways of improving security."

He added, "Iraqis had repeatedly called on Iran to help them because the US behavior in Iraq had always brought them disputes." Stressing that security in Iraq is security in Iran, Larijani said, "We accepted talks in the past and the negotiations went on well. Issues were raised that could help Iraqi government get powerful and Mr. (Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri) al-Maliki is following up the issue."

Larijani emphasized, "The requisite for helpful talks is observation of a set of principles which would guide the parties to correct results. The issue is followed up."

Referring to recent visit of Iranian delegation to Iraq, Larijani said, "This is the early dialogue to prepare the ground for helpful talks. The delegation's visit aimed at paving suitable ground for successful talks, in way that they (the talks) would bear tangible outcome for the Iraqi government and that they (the talks) would not beat around the bush."


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