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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Recent US report proof for their double standard approaches

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 7, IRNA
Supreme Leader's representative at Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said here Thursday evening recent report by US intelligence agencies is proof for that country's double standards in dealing with Iran.

Ali Larijani who was speaking with reporters on the sidelines of a Basij mobilization force conference in northern Tehran, added, "It has been said every often that the US adopts double standards in dealing with international affairs, and in this region this approach has led to lack of trust of the regional country's to US policies." He Pointed out that the recent report by the US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), prepared by sixteen US intelligence agencies, has an essence and some side aspects.

He said, "The main essence of this report is confessing to US miscalculations, and they have openly stated that when in 2005 they said that Iran has the nuclear arms, or was moving towards acquiring them, it was a mistake, and now, too, Iran is not moving towards taking military advantage of its nuclear program."

Larijani pointed out that the NIE report also has an internal aspect, adding, "The Republicans were accused of pursuing warmonger policies, and of having a tendency to solve the international disputes resorting to military force, and since the election time is approaching there now, the Democrats have begun chanting slogans in the opposite direction, pretending they are opposed to wars." He said that the Zionist lobby, too, is very influential in the United States, reiterating, "This lobby was constantly pushing the Americans towards beginning a new war, and by issuing this report they also intended to pave the path to immune themselves from the evil intentions of them."

The former SNSC secretary also referred to the foreign aspects of the NIE report, arguing, "Under such conditions that the IAEA Chief ElBaradei's recent report had proved that the Americans' accusations were baseless, they were still trying to impose pressure over the other countries to vote in favor of another anti-Iranian UN Security Council resolution."

He added, "Under those conditions, those countries' resistance from joining the US camp had roots in their awareness of another scenario that was in process."

Larijani added, "The trick behind the side issues presented in the report is too obvious to be ignored, and they are worthless from the intelligence point of view, although we need to heed them, too, alertly."

The Iranian SNSC member evaluating three rounds of Iran-US negotiations so far, reiterated, "Those talks were focused over security in Iraq, although during the first round the Americans talked a lot besides the point, but during the second and third rounds their approach was more logical."

Larijani referred to Iran's great assistance offered to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maleki, adding, "Some countries' dispute promoting approach, such as the Americans' policies in that regard, were ended, and many disputes were thus extinguished, thanks to the methods we proposed to Mr. Maleki's Government to pursue." He reiterated, "The Americans had better realize that Iran plays a significant role in Iraq, and that thanks to its political and spiritual influence, Tehran can assist the Iraqi Government, as it is doing so already."

The former SNSC secretary emphasized, "It is up to the Americans now to propose the main theory and their plans for evacuation of their forces from Iraq, since only after that it would be possible to fortify the Iraqi Government to ensure security in that country." Larijani also spoke about pursuing efforts aimed at freeing the kidnapped Iranian diplomats in Iraq, expressing hope that the rest of them, too, would be freed in near future.


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