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Iran, Russia to resolve differences on Bushehr Nuclear Plant

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 21, IRNA
Iranian Nuclear Energy Production and Development Company and Russian Atomstroiexport Company held talks in Moscow on Saturday to resolve differences.

Ahmad Fayyazbakhsh, heading a delegation from Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO), arrived in Russia on Friday to find a way to facilitate the completion of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.

According to an informed official, Fayyazbakhsh conferred with the head of the Russian company Sergei Shmatko on technical and financial issues which are source of differences between the two countries.

Officials and experts of the two sides held the third round of talks in Tehran 10 days ago.

The Russian delegation in the Tehran session, headed by the Head of Russia's Contractor in Bushehr Nuclear Plant Vladimir Popov, paid a visit to the plant and were briefed on the progress of nuclear works.

As scheduled, Bushehr Nuclear Plant will become operational experimentally on September and the final operation will be on November, but due to some financial and technical problems it would be probably delayed.

The IAEO announced that Iran has fully met its financial commitments to Russia's Atomstroiexport on construction of Bushehr Nuclear Plant.


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