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Larijani advises West to revise policies on Iran's nuclear issue

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 11, IRNA
Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani on Wednesday recommended the West to reconsider its policies on Iran's peaceful nuclear activities.

Addressing a press conference, Larijani said present conditions prepared the ground for mutual understanding.

Commenting on Iran's success for fuel production at industrial scale, Larijani said, "That's not strange. We had already informed the IAEA of our plan; we are entitled to the right based on NPT and our nuclear program is civilian. They have repeatedly asked us about our decision to produce nuclear fuel; I think this has become clear for them. Fuel in today's world is a strategic commodity and there is no guarantee for its supply. Nuclear fuel is not the type of goods which can be provided instantly. Time and strong technology and skill are needed for the purpose. So, a country which wants to be independent should have fuel."

Addressing the western states, Larijani said, "I advise them to reconsider the path they have already taken; they should wait and see whether they have gained any result? Have they been successful to stop our peaceful nuclear program? As you see there has been no halt. We have on different occasions said we favor to come to terms with them and that they can reconsider their path. So, the present conditions can bring us closer for understanding."
He went on to say that Tehran is not for adventurism.

"We are not for any adventurism in the region. Those are they who use any issue for adventurism."
He reiterated Iran's readiness for dialogue.

"We are ready to reach understanding under a sound dialogue which would have a definite paradigm and not being instrumental and artificial."

Asked about Iran's participation in Iraq security conference, which is to be held in near future, Larijani said, "As we said earlier, we welcome regional cooperation, if any, and consider it helpful for settlement of crises in Iraq."

He said presence of some big powers in Iraq are causes of crises in the country.

"Iraq's problems are complicated and those, having a better understanding of ongoing conditions in the country, can offer help in that regard."

On venue of the Iraq conference, Larijani said, "Agreement should be reached on venue of the conference. That's not something on which a single country can decide. Certainly, we prefer the security conference be held in Baghdad and this means respect to Iraqi government and stabilization of the government. I do not see any reason for holding a meeting, whose concern is security and collective cooperation of the neighboring states on Iraq, to be held elsewhere." As for contradictory claims of the British sailors, who had violated Iranian territorial waters, Larijani said, "The case is almost over. The fact that the UK has used the people as tools for propaganda campaign is not something far from expectation and that would be against their own interests. In their latest discussions with us, they announced their support for settlement of the issue through political understanding. I think the method they have applied in vain would be more against their own interest."


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