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FM questions if adoption of present Resolution strengthens int'l peace, security

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

United Nations, New York, March 25, IRNA
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki raised the question whether adoption of the present Resolution strengthens international peace and security.

Speaking at the United Nations Security Council meeting in New York on Saturday night, he asked whether this Resolution augments the credibility of important international mechanisms such as the NPT, the IAEA and even this very Council.

"Does it enhance the confidence of countries and developing nations that they can attain their rights through these mechanisms and instruments? Does it increase trust in multilateral mechanisms? Does it decrease unilateralist tendencies," he continued.

"Certainly, the answer to all these questions is no. The only outcome of this Resolution is that freedom-loving people and governments in the world would gain confidence that they cannot rely on multilateral institutions to attain their legitimate rights.

"Because of the unlawful and unjust approach of the UNSC, its Resolutions have until now failed to lead to a resolution of the issue. These Resolutions -- and the certainty of some permanent members that they can get them one way or another -- are, and have always been, a part of the problem and an impediment to finding a real and mutually acceptable solution.

"That is why Iran continues to insist on the imperative of stopping this practice which will only exacerbate the situation and will erode the authority and undermine the credibility of the Security Council," said Mottaki.

The Iranian foreign minister said that it was clear from the outset that there are only two alternatives in dealing with Iran's peaceful nuclear program, namely cooperation and interaction or confrontation and conflict.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran, confident of the peaceful nature of its nuclear program always insisted on the first alternative. Iran does not seek confrontation, nor does it want anything beyond its inalienable rights. I can assure you that pressure and intimidation will not change Iran's policy.

"If certain countries have pinned their hopes that repeated Resolutions would dent the resolve of the great Iranian nation, they should not doubt that they have once again faced a catastrophic intelligence and analytical failure vis-a-vis the Iranian people's Islamic Revolution," he said.


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