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FM underlines features of resolution just adopted on Iran's nuclear issue

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

United Nations, New York, March 25, IRNA
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said that the resolution just adopted about Iran's peaceful nuclear program, while those who voted in favor of it did not even bother to listen to Iran's positions and explanations, has a number of characteristics which he would like to underline.

Mottaki made the remark at the United Nations Security Council meeting in New York on Saturday night, adding that he is willing to stress the following for the record and the awakened global public opinion:
"1. This Resolution, by establishing sanctions, is punishing a country, which according to the IAEA has never diverted its nuclear program. This Resolution punishes a country, which has been a committed member of the NPT, with all its nuclear facilities under the monitoring of the IAEA inspectors and their camera.

"This Resolution imposes sanctions on a country that has fulfilled all its commitments to the NPT and IAEA safeguards, and demands nothing more than its inalienable rights under the NPT. Is there any better way to undermine an important multilateral instrument which deals directly with international peace and security? Isn't this action by the Security Council not, in and of itself, a grave threat to international peace and security?

"2. The current Resolution has clearly departed from the stated claims of its sponsors and through targeting my country's defense, economic and educational institutions, is pursuing objectives far beyond Iran's peaceful nuclear program. The sanctions in this Resolution are clearly targeting an independent, proud and tireless nation with thousands of years of culture and civilization. What can harming of hundreds of thousands of depositors in Bank Sepah, with 80 year history in Iran, mean other than confronting ordinary Iranians?

"3. This Resolution is adopted at a time when not only all rational proposals and initiatives to return to a negotiated solution have been neglected, but also certain countries have not even allowed the presentation of such proposals. Iran has always been ready for time-bound and unconditional negotiations aimed at finding a mutually acceptable solution. Iran has done its best to achieve this objective and has presented numerous proposals to provide necessary assurances about the peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

"In the last several weeks, other proposals were advanced, each of which could have provided an opportunity to break the current stalemate and lead to a rational and just resolution. The only interpretation that can be drawn from the rush to adopt this resolution and prevent negotiations is that ulterior motives of the sponsors and the lack of political will to find solutions.

"4. Finally, the current Resolution is adopted against Iran's peaceful nuclear program at a time when major nuclear powers continue to flout the persistent demand of the international community for nuclear disarmament and instead jeopardize international peace and security by developing new generations of these weapons and by threatening to use them," said Mottaki.


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