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Supreme Leader: Nation will foil enemy's divisive plots in New Year

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, March 21, IRNA

In a message issued on the occasion of the New Year, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei called the Year 1386 the year of ''national unity and Islamic solidarity''.

The Leader said the hope and aspiration of all Iranians is ''national independence, national honor and public welfare of the nation'' adding that all these goals would be accomplished under the blessing of ''Islamic faith, unity of expression, national hope and resolve'' as well as ''proper utilization of the country's potentials, and also prudence, vigor and hard work.''

The leader congratulated each and every member of the Iranian nation, all Iranians throughout the world and all other nations celebrating Nowruz on the occasion of the ''national festivity of Iranians.'' Referring to the abundant beauties of the national festival of Nowruz, the leader noted: ''Strengthening of emotional bonds, as well as exhilaration and freshness of hearts and enjoying a new living environment'' are among the ''beautiful, noble and kind features'' of Nowruz all of which have the backing of the sacred Islamic rites.

Recalling that the Year 1385 was named after the Holy Prophet of Islam )Peace Be Upon Him(, Ayatollah Khamenei said the Year 1385 was filled with the name and memory of the Prophet (S), however, to attain the wisdom of the great Prophet would require a long time. ''In fact, all our years are the years of the Prophet.''

In the opinion of the Supreme Leader, the successes and progresses of Iran in 1385 were bigger than its resentments and setbacks. ''The strong efforts in the various internal arenas, including science and economy, and manifestation of the national splendor of Iranians in the international scenes, were among the signs of Iran's eye-catching advancements in 1385. ''This national effort and movement will continue in the new year in proportion with the needs of the nation thanks to the strong resolve of all people and officials.'' Ayatollah Khamenei said ''hope, public resolution and national self- confidence'' were the ''driving force towards a bright and desirable future''.

He noted: ''With the start of the new year, the Iranian nation will renew its determination and continue its unambiguous path by entering new fields and through wise confrontation with challenges and hostilities.''

The leader said ''sowing discord and undermining the national unity of Iranians'' and ''creating economic problems to stop the progress of the country'' were two main methods used by the enemies to counter the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic system.

Pointing to outlined general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution and that grounds were prepared for economic activities, he said economic endeavors by all the people, including national forces and those with faith in the sublime aspirations of the nation, as well as utilization of the country's huge potentials, would neutralize the enemy attempts to halt the trend of development and progress of the country.

Recalling the psychological warfare and devious attempts of the enemies to sow discord and division among the Iranian nation and Islamic world, he noted: ''The enemies, under such pretexts as ethnicity, religion and guild tendencies, intend to destroy the Iranian nation's unity of expression, fuel the fan of religious differences in the Muslim World and cause distance between the Iranian people and Islamic communities by waging a Shia-Sunni war.'' The Supreme Leader said the only way to disappoint the enemies and defuse their plots was through national unity and solidarity.

''With the Grace of the Almighty, in the Year 1386, all the members of the nation, as well as various ethnic groups and religions, will accelerate their promising movement towards a bright future through national unity, and all the Muslim nations too will show their unity of expression through Islamic solidarity and building up Islamic brotherhood.''

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