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Larijani: Atomic talks can continue if Iran is recognized as nuclear country

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 31, IRNA
Iranian diplomat, researcher and analyst of international issues Mohammad Javad Larijani said that talks on Iran's nuclear issue can continue in any way if Iran is accepted as a nuclear country.

The remark was made in an interview with IRNA reporter, which was published today.

Concerning the preconditions set for such talks, he said that they have a dual purpose. Larijani noted, "The set conditions can show that the nuclear club intends to negotiate either with a non-nuclear or a nuclear Iran.

Larijani said that the nuclear club should accept that it should hold talks with a nuclear Iran.

About rejection of formation of a joint nuclear consortium with France, he said that the proposal aimed to identify the parties which are against a nuclear Iran and those not wishing Iran to possess nuclear weapons.

Responding to a question whether Russia and China, with whom Iran cooperates closely, seek an atomic Iran, he said that the country's foreign policy is not based only on the support of these two states.

"Russia and China do not wish to see Iran possess nuclear weapons, but there is no reason for their opposition to a nuclear Iran. They have so long declared that they are seeking a nuclear Iran," he said.

Larijani underlined that nuclear Iran is a fact, which sooner or later will be accepted by the nuclear club.


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