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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

N Korea dismisses allegations of nuclear help for Iran

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Beijing, Jan 27, IRNA
N Korea-Iran-Nuclear
North Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday strongly denied Western media reports Pyongyang is giving assistance to Iran in its nuclear program.

The ministry issued the denial in response to news published by the British-based `Daily Telegraph' newspaper claiming Iran is getting assistance in its nuclear program from Pyongyang.

The daily said a group of Iranian nuclear scientists had been invited by Pyongyang to assess results of a nuclear test it conducted recently, and that the aim is to share its nuclear expertise with Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly said it is carrying out nuclear activities for peaceful purposes but Western countries and the Zionist regime as well as certain global media continue to accuse it of conducting clandestine nuclear activities for non-peaceful purposes.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency on Saturday quoted the North Korean Foreign Ministry's spokesman as saying allegations of North Korean assistance to Iran in the latter's nuclear activities are sheer lies aimed at further lowering Pyongyang's stakes in the ongoing six-way nuclear talks.

Pyongyang has repeatedly said it respects its commitment to non-proliferation of atomic weapons, he said.

The spokesman added that North Korea has made it known that it possesses nuclear weapons but is committed to its commitment to non-proliferations of weapons of mass destruction.

North Korea on October 9, 2006 announced it had carried out a planned nuclear test which was subsequently verified by nuclear experts.

Political analysts believe North Korea conducted the nuclear test in response to the US' hostile policies on the country.

Pyongyang, analysts believe, is giving a signal to Washington it cannot be intimidated.


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