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FM: A formula on Iran's nuclear issue can be found

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 27, IRNA
Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki here Saturday said that it is possible to come up with a `multifaceted formula on Iran's nuclear issue'.

The minister made the remark in a joint press conference with his Belarus counterpart, Sergey Martynov.

In response to a question wether Iran will consider preparing centrifuges for operation and at the same time continue talks on its nuclear issue, he said that Iran will continue its nuclear activities within the framework of relevant laws.

Meanwhile, he added that Iran will exchange ideas with all parties involved in the issue about seeking a multifaceted formula.

Mottaki said that the visit of Russian Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov, who is expected to arrive in Tehran tonight, is taking place to this end, adding that talks with various countries will prepare the ground for finding a multi-faceted formula to Iran's nuclear issue.

Saying that various proposals on the issue will be examined, he noted that the expected formula should suggest a strategy for further transparency of Iran's nuclear activities, end any possible worries and secure Iran's right to access nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

In response to another question on whether Iran and US are likely to hold talks during the upcoming Munich Conference on Security Policy (February 9-11), he said that no decision has been taken in this respect.

About his recent remarks at Majlis session, he said, "At the meeting, I expounded on Iran's stance based on detente and establishment of communication on the international scene." Mottaki said that the US policy on Middle East is based on inciting the flame of violence in the region.

Turning to the US new strategy on Iraq and its current threats, he said, "It is clear that if the US policy on Iraq fails, it will attempt to blame some party for its blunder."

Mottaki said that he will gradually uncover the targets behind the growing propaganda of the US.

He added that to manifest national unity under the present conditions, the Iranian nation will once again give a clear and transparent response to the US on the 28th anniversary of the victory of Islamic Revolution (February 11).

Concerning the recent visit of Saudi National Security Council Secretary Bandar Bin Sultan to Iran and his talks with Iranian officials about Lebanon, he said that the best solution to Lebanese crisis is one to be developed by the Lebanese people and groups rather than seeking it beyond its territory.

"If regional states can manage to play a role in reconciling various factions in the country without interfering in domestic affairs, they will greatly contribute to solving the crisis," he added.

For his part, Martynov said that Iran's nuclear issue should be solved through talks, recommending the US and Europe to pursue the same path.

Belarus foreign minister underlined that Iran is entitled to access nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

Mottaki and Martynov assessed Iran-Belarus relations as favorable and urged the need for their further expansion.


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