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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Rafsanjani: Iran committed to peaceful use of nuclear energy

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 24, IRNA
Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said here on Wednesday that Iran is committed to peaceful use of nuclear energy.

"Iran is not after any nuclear ambition and expects others not to do so," said Rafsanjani in a meeting with the UK ambassador to Tehran Jeffrey Adams here on Wednesday.

Ruling out any precondition for resumption of talks, Rafsanjani said confidence building during talks with the West on the nuclear issue is possible.

He said the West favors force, while the freedom loving nation of Iran would not tolerate that.

He added that in case of any attempt to solve the problem through its proper channel, Tehran would be ready for any verification by related authorities as a means to prove peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

The Iranian top official ridiculed occupiers' claim that they attacked Afghanistan and Iraq to establish democracy.

He said that occupiers' conduct in the two countries does not go with the claim.

Rafsanjani said growth in drugs production in Afghanistan and escalation of tension in Iraq are among consequences of the occupation.

"People in the two countries, especially Iraq, are not pleased with occupation and in case there is a strong determination, the Islamic Republic of Iran would be ready for cooperation," he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rafsanjani said establishment of democracy and tranquility in Iraq are among principled policies of Iran.

"All religious, political and ethnic groups in proportion to their population in Iraq have the right to contribute to their country's affairs but it seems that some foreign players in Iraq are not pleased with that," he added.

Pointing to Palestine, Rafsanjani said Iran's stance on the issue is transparent. "Settlement of the issue would not be possible unless the fate of millions of Palestinian refugees is taken into consideration," he added.

He noted that Palestinian citizens should have the last say on their country's fate and the intellectuals across the world are expected to find a logical and humanitarian solution.

He criticized some British officials and press for raising repeated charges against Iran. "We are for peace and stability in the region as is testified by Iran's approach towards Afghanistan and Iraq; the occupiers are more aware of the issue than others," he added.

For his part, Adams said that restoration of confidence is the key to resolving Iran's nuclear problem. "Agreement and mutual confidence are the bases of any talks and we hope problems would be solved in a friendly atmosphere," he added.

He said that Iran and the global community share nearly common stances on Iraq and Afghanistan. "Establishment of peace, economic welfare and democracy in the two countries are among subjects that the two sides are in agreement on and they can be common grounds for cooperation," he added.

Adams said the West's stance on Palestine is based on a two-state policy. Iran and West hold different stances on the issue and a solution should be found for that, he added.

The diplomat said British entrepreneurs and traders are eager to contribute to implementation of economic projects in Iran given the country's drive for privatization and attraction of foreign investment.


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