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Spokesman calls on West to approach Iran's nuclear issue based on facts

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 23, IRNA
Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyed Mohammad-Ali Hosseini, in reaction to the statement issued at the European Union foreign ministers meeting, called on EU for an independent and rational approach to Iran's nuclear issue based on the relevant facts.

According to a report released by the Foreign Ministry Media Department on Tuesday, he regretted that EU considers the illegal and unjust Resolution 1737 as the axis of its irrational decisions.

Turning to strategies and the need to seek constructive ways, he said that compulsory and imposed views violating the rights of the Iranian nation within the frameworks of NPT article 4 are not reasonable.

"Iran believes that talks away from pressure and preconditions and based on just criteria will be helpful. Similar to the past, Iran welcomes diplomatic strategies, in particular dialogue under a constructive and helpful atmosphere," he added.

Hosseini pointed to EU's discriminatory policy on Iran's nuclear issue and expressed surprise that while EU member states call for a greater share of Iran's nuclear power plants in their sustainable development plans for their own progress, they ask Iran to overlook the indigenous advancement of Iranian intellectuals and youth which are at the service of Iranians' welfare and sustainable development.

"Iran recommends EU to think of approaches that will do away with concerns and misunderstandings, which will strengthen the rights and tasks included in the regulations and safeguard agreements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and will not violate the Iranian nation's rights," he added.

The spokesman referred to the US unilateral policies as well as their tangible and objective wrong approaches to Iran's and Middle East crises, hoping that the EU will avoid the challenges of xpansionist powers by coming up with a strategy based on justice and fairness.

He also hoped that in its relations with other countries, the European Union will mainly base its exchanges on mutual respect and interests rather than associating its vital interests in the region ith the US challengeable policies.


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