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Hosseini: ElBaradei admits no diversion in Iran's nuclear program

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 21, IRNA
Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said here Sunday that the IAEA Chief Mohammed ElBaradei has admitted there is no diversion in Iran's nuclear activities.

Hosseini told his weekly press briefing that ElBaradei's remarks, which are very close to realities, would hopefully be the basis for compilation of reports and decisions.

Stressing that dialogue is the only way to settle the ongoing nuclear stand-off, Hosseini said the EU and non-EU officials are expected to listen to ElBaradei's recommendations to avoid choosing non-peaceful options and follow the option of dialogue.

"Selection of any other way other than dialogue would make the issue more complicated," warned the Iranian official.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hosseini said rumours about the US strike on Iran is just a mere propaganda and psychological warfare.

Commenting on presence of the terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization in Iraq, he said Iraqi officials believe in the terrorist nature of the outfit and are not pleased with their activity on their soil.

On kidnapping of Iranian diplomats by the US forces following attack on Iran's consulate in Erbil, Hosseini said Tehran should do its best to secure release of the diplomats.

Asked on closure of Strait of Hormuz by Iran, Hosseini said, "We should always try to prevent occurrence of such an event." As an important country in the region, Iran should play its constructive role and guarantee security in the Persian Gulf, he added.


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