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Nuclear official: Price of access to peaceful nuclear technology to be paid

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Ahvaz, Khuzestan prov, Jan 17, IRNA
Deputy head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO), Hossein Faqihian, said here Wednesday that Iran has to pay the price for accessing peaceful nuclear energy and its advantages.

Speaking to IRNA on the sidelines of the chemical training conference in Ahvaz, he said that any country is entitled to benefit from scientific knowledge and research.

He added that Iranians should not give up their rights just on account of a series of expenses.

"From scientific point of view, possession of nuclear fuel cycle and access to the relevant technology by itself shows existence of proper scientific infrastructures and pure talents across the country.

"This makes us one of the world industrial and scientific countries, which is a cause for the hope of nation and youth in future," he added.

He urged that the government should attempt to be active in exploration of uranium resources, promotion of scientific activities in the nuclear sector and its various applications in the domain of treatment and agriculture among others and invest in them.

The official referred to uranium as the resource for generating a new type of energy and said that from the point of view of price stability and sustainability it is much better than oil.

"The world is moving towards using nuclear energy and therefore the price of uranium is escalating.

"It will be better to pay more attention to exploring new uranium resources rather than making high expenses on fossil fuels," he added.

Underlining the extensive applications of the achievements of nuclear technology in various sectors, he said that radioisotopes are applicable in many diseases and that at times diagnostic methods based on using radioisotopes are unique and hardly replacable.

Faqihian stated that isotopes are very effective in treatment of cancerous glands and diagnosis of tumors.

"Besides, in agriculture this technology is helpful in development of more resistant species with more efficiency," he added.

On the second day of the 6th chemical training conference, Faqihian presented his scientific article on nuclear fuel cycle.

The conference aims to assess various methods of chemical training, promotion of the culture of research in chemical training, acquaintance with modern discoveries, exchange of training experiences and raising the level of chemistry.

At the three-day conference, 24 articles are expected to be presented as lectures, nine more within the framework of workshop and 107 as posters.

Modern subject matters and the latest developments in the field of chemistry, nano-technology, nuclear chemistry as well as introduction and presentation of modern methods and selected patterns for instruction of chemistry as well as the status and role of laboratory in chemistry courses are among the goals of the ongoing conference.


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