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Iranian president: Iran not against talks with US in proper, just conditions

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, IRNA
Ahmadinejad-Al -arabyia-Inter
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejan told Al-arabyia television that Tehran is not against talks with the US if just and proper conditions are provided.

He also said that if the US thinks that it will be able to ignore or jeoperdize rights of the Iraqi people through talks with Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia, it is fully mistaken.

Ahmadinejad told Al-arabyia, one of the main Arab satellite TV stations, that Iran is not against talks with any country except the Zionist regime which is not recognized by Tehran.

Referring to the US faults in Iraq, he said that they should accept in first place the independence and sovereignty of the Iraqi government and also Iraqi people's right to determine their own future, adding that realization of these subjects would lead to the resolution of the main problems.

He said Iran, Saudi Arabia and other neighbors of Iraq can help the Iraqi people to manage their own affairs and to strengthen security and state soverignty.

Ahmadinejad said he has sent a letter to the Saudi king in this regard and has recieved a postive answer. he hoped that cooperation of other nations with Iraqi government and nation would lead to security and stability of the neighboring country.



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