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Larijani: Iran to try various options rather than retreat from NPT

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 9, IRNA
Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), Ali Larijani, said on Tuesday that Iran does not insist on withdrawal from NPT, adding that therefore various other options will be tried.

Iran's top nuclear negotiator made the remark while speaking to domestic and foreign reporters after his meeting with a Pakistani official.

In response to a question about revising the country's cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), he underlined that Iran should not be forced into reducing the level of such cooperation with the agency.

Turning to the revisions so far made in Iran-IAEA exchanges, he said, "Based on the Additional Protocol, we had extensive cooperation with IAEA in the past. However, we have told the West that if they have an irrational approach to our nuclear issue, the Additional Protocol will be suspended by Iran.

"Therefore, today the level of cooperation is not according to that indicated in the protocol on account of their unreasonable approach."

Larijani noted that partial revision has thus been made in Iran-IAEA relations.

"We insist on cooperating within the frameworks of the agency, despite the unjust implementation of NPT in the world.

"However, if this treaty is enforced properly and justly, its regulations are good, given that it includes both nuclear disarmament and support for the states intending to proceed with nuclear programs for peaceful purposes," said the official.

About strategies on revision of ties with the agency without withdrawing from NPT, he said that there are various ways, adding that NPT, the agency and Safeguard Agreement have their own regulations which can be effective in this regard.

Underlining that decision should be made to secure the national interests, he said, "For us, the main principle is not to be forced into taking any measure, given that we will never do such a thing." In reply to a question that whether Iran will have any other option in solving the nuclear issue, except holding talks with the 5+1 group, the secretary said that the issue is based on accurate principles and that any approach that can settle it based on such principles will be fruitful.

Stressing that the 5+1 group is not the only party playing a role in solving Iran's nuclear issue, he added that those having a part in it should get involved in the issue and so the IAEA will also be a beneficiary, given the legal and technical nature of the matter.

"But once the UN nuclear watchdog was bypassed and the case was sent to the United Nations Security Council, it was meant to say that it was being treated as a political issue," he said.

Iran's top negotiator said that once a matter is politicized, a solution should be sought according to political model.

Larijani noted that holding talks on the issue is the best way to solve it, adding that negotiations can be based on various innovative approaches and that all those involved in the matter can propose new solutions.


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