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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Anti-Iran measures not to remain unanswered: spokesman

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 7, IRNA
Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said here on Sunday that any measure against Iran would not remain unanswered. "The attacker would quickly regret their act," he said.

Hosseini made the statement while talking to domestic and foreign reporters at his weekly press briefing.

In response to a question on possibility of the Zionist regime's military attack on Iran's nuclear sites, he added, "Such bragging indicates the weakness of the opposite side and would have no impact on Iran's resolve to continue its peaceful nuclear activities." Pointing to remarks recently made by the Zionist regime Prime Minister Ihud Olmert on his country's possession of nuclear weapons, he added, "Such statements showed to the public opinion of the world that the Zionist regime is the main threat to the regional and international security and peace."
The spokesman stressed, "Iran's peaceful nuclear activities are conducted within the frameworks of international regulations." In response to a question on statements made by the US House of Representatives' Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the role of Iran and Syria in regional negotiations, Hosseini said, "Such remarks are new.

However, we will announce our stance after the US administration expresses its official and transparent position."
Asked about the stance of certain Arab states which have expressed regret over execution of the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, he replied, "Many crimes of Saddam remained covert and unattended to. This has probably led to adoption of such a stance by Arab states.

"If all the crimes committed by Saddam had been attended to, we would not witness any expression of regret over his trial and execution."

He further stated that in case of a transparent investigation into Saddam's crimes, his allies would be forced to answer certain questions.


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