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Envoy: Iran's response to 5+1 group's proposal based on good will

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Madrid, Aug 29, IRNA
Iran's Ambassador to Montevideo Mohammad Faraji in a meeting with members of Uruguayan parliament said that Iran's response to the proposal of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (5+1 group) is based on `good will' and `Iran's compliance with international treaties.

According to a report released by Iranian Embassy in Uruguay on Tuesday, he made the remark at a meeting also attended by 11 members of the Iran's International Affairs Commission and Parliamentary Friendship Group.

"Iran's response to Europe's package of incentives, which was submitted to negotiators on schedule as promised, contains very positive and promising points and covers all the related matters.

"Such a measure was taken under the conditions that the West has taken the country's nuclear issue to the UNSC which resulted in the resolution issued against our peaceful nuclear program.

"We declared in our response that our nuclear goals are quite clear and in line with international criteria," he added.

Elsewhere in his speech, the Iranian diplomat said that Iran's foreign policy is based on `dialogue on peace and tranquility under the light of justice and spirituality', adding that Iran's support for Palestinian and Lebanese people are also within the framework of such a policy, based on human rights criteria and principles of democracy.

"Iran believes that the fate of Palestinian occupied territory should be determined by its people through a referendum irrespective of their being either residents or displaced, or Muslims, Jews and Christians," he said
Faraji condemned Israel's aggression on Lebanon and its disastrous outcome which ended up in the defeat of the Zionist regime. Meanwhile, he urged that the Zionist regime should stand trial for `genocide' in Lebanon and Palestine.


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