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Elham says Bolton's anti-Iran remarks "unfounded"

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 28, IRNA
Government spokesman Gholam-Hossein Elham said here Monday that remarks made by the US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton against Iran were unfounded and based on bullying.

Elham made the remark while addressing reporters at his weekly press conference as he was commenting on Bolton's remark who said on Sunday that if the UN Security Council adopts no measure against Iran, the United States will not wait and will act directly.

Bolton stressed that Washington needs no Security Council's permission.

Elham said remark by the US ambassador was a clear insult to the UN and its Security Council.

"Such remarks are in in fact a violation of all international norms, based on which global peace should be established. The remarks show that such officials are not competent to be members of the UN and the Security Council.

"The UN should make a revision to preserve its prestige and prove it is not at the service of the United States. In that case, a new great development will take place," he said.

Elham added that the US, itself, has problems in safeguarding its own security, saying it has been entangled in quagmire of Iraq.

"If the US officials intend to trigger massacre, war and insecurity for their own people and the world, it will be up to the US nation to resist them.

"Nature of the US leaders is based on violence and threat," he said.


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