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Ahmadinejad: World must admit Iran is a powerful country

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Arak, Markazi Prov, Aug 26, IRNA
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Saturday the world should accept the reality that Iran is a power to reckon with and at the same time a peace-loving and progressive country.

"Admission of this fact stands to benefit all nations and regional governments," said the president.

Ahmadinejad moreover said that "a developed Iran will be in the interest of global peace and security."
Turning to developments in Palestine, he said: "Time and again we have said that a referendum should be conducted in occupied Palestine so the issue of this regime's (Zionist regime) occupation will be clarified without confrontation or violence.

The Iranian nation has never given in to tyranny and will never succumb, the president said.

"They can impose difficulties and hardship through bullying, but can anybody block a nation's path to intellectual and scientific progress?" he asked.


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