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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Cleric warns UNSC against any hasty decision on Iran

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 25, IRNA

Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Hojjatoleslam Ahmad Khatami on Friday warned the UN Security Council against any hasty decision on Iran's peaceful nuclear program.

Addressing multitudes of Friday prayers worshipers, Hojatoleslam Khatami called on Russia and China, the two veto-wielding permanent members of the UN Security Council, not to fall in trap of the US.

Delivering his second Friday prayers sermon, the cleric said Iran is ready for logical, fair and unconditional dialogue on its peaceful nuclear program.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been welcoming logical, fair and unconditional dialogue and the world people should bear in mind that the Iranian nation will successfully pass the test too," said the Expert Assembly member.

He said the superpowers should know that they can not speak to the Iranian nation with the language of force. "Such a practice would not an unskillful but a foolish job."
Khatami then criticized Europeans for their "dastardly" behavior towards Iran with regards to the proposed nuclear package.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hojatoleslam Khatami said the great `Blow of Zolfaqar' maneuver, staged in 16 Iranian provinces over recent days, is a message of peace and friendship for the neighbors and of Iran's strength and vigilance to the enemies.

Referring to martyrdom or injury of a number of pilgrims in Iraq over recent days, Khatami said the crimes serve wishes of the US statesmen to portray the popular Iraqi government as incompetent.

"Such crimes couldn't take place without greenlight of the Iraq occupiers."
The cleric also praised unity and solidarity among the Lebanese people and Hizbollah in their 33 days of war with Israel, saying the victory proved that the sophisticated weapons and force are ineffective in the face of divine faith.

He also warned the US and Israel against getting the UN Security Council's permission to disarm Hizbollah.

He recalled arrest and imprisonment of about 60 Palestinian statesmen by the Zionist occupiers, saying Israel wants to do the same with the Lebanese people by disarming Hizbollah.


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