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Iran's comprehensive response addresses all concerns - Official

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 23, IRNA
The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Deputy Director for International Affairs Mohammad Saeedi has described Iran's reply to the proposed package of incentives as comprehensive.

Talking to Mehr News Agency (MNA) on Monday, he stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has tried to address all the concerns of the two sides in its response in a bid to find a solution that will benefit all parties.

The UN Security Council passed a resolution on July 31 giving Iran a month to halt its uranium enrichment activities or face possible sanctions.

Saeedi said that suspension of enrichment could have been discussed in the past but it is no longer on the table for the talks.

"The package contains some ambiguities which have been raised in Iran's response," he noted adding that the main ambiguity is that those presenting the offer have cleverly ignored Article 4 of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which refers to promotion of nuclear technology in developing countries.

"We have also stated that we are prepared for negotiations if they do not set suspension as a precondition," he said.

Iran is pressing ahead with its nuclear research activities to master small-scale industrial enrichment, he said adding that Iran's 164-centrifuge cascade at the Natanz facility is operating as planned.

Announcing that Iran has discovered new uranium reserves, he added the mines will come on stream soon.

Saeedi said that a plan has been devised for the construction of a 360-megawatt nuclear power plant by Iranian scientists and engineers which will be implemented soon.

"Withdrawal from the NPT is not on the agenda for the time being, but if certain countries take illogical measures, our policies will change as well," he stated.


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