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Parliamentarian urges Europe back to negotiation table

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 23, IRNA
A member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Reza Talaei-Nik, described Iran's response to the proposals package of Group 5+1 as "logical".

He also urged the Europeans to come back to negotiation table with Iran on nuclear issues.

Speaking to IRNA on Wednesday, he reiterated that Iran kept its promise and gave a logical answer to the Europe package of incentives.

"Iran has given a new chance to renew negotiations," he said, adding that some parts of the EU and the United Nations Security Council demands will be met if negotiations resume.

Referring to the proposals of some countries about nuclear cooperation with Iran, Talaei-Nik said the grounds have been prepared for cooperation with Europe in enriching uranium.

The official recommended Group 5+1 to prefer negotiations to other approaches.

"Without resumption of negotiations, serious problems will be created for all negotiating parties," he warned.

Talaei-Nik noted that new restrictions will be imposed on the International Atomic Energy Agency's inspections of Iranian nuclear sites if the UN Security Council adopt an "illogical and non-peaceful" resolution.

Elaborating on this, he added that proportionate with the deterioration of Iran's nuclear case in security terms, "Iran should prevent probable security misuses by reducing the number of IAEA inspections."

Commenting on probable UN Security Council sanctions against Iran, Talaei-Nik said if the parties do not reach an agreement through negotiations and considering Iran's resistance, it is likely that the Security Council impose sanctions on Iran.

"Regional countries and many western nations will harm, if the UN Security Council imposes sanctions on Iran," he stressed.

Iran's top negotiator, Ali Larijani, delivered Iran's response to the representatives of Russia, China, France, Britain, Germany and Switzerland (on behalf of the United States) on Tuesday.


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