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Iran says ready for serious nuclear talks from Aug. 23

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 22, IRNA
Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said here Tuesday that Iran is ready to enter into serious nuclear talks as of August 23.

"Although there is no justification for the other parties' illegal move to refer Iran's case to the Security Council, we prepared the answer to the proposed package positively on the recommendation of (the UN Chief) Mr. Kofi Annan; and despite ambiguities on many cases, we tried to pave the way for fair talks with a logical and positive approach; and despite other parties' breach of commitments, the Islamic Republic of Iran has proposed a constructive course to the P5+1 Group," said Larijani in a meeting to hand over Iran's answer to ambassadors of Germany, UK, France, China, Russia and Switzerland as caretaker of the US interests in Iran).

Announcing that Iran is prepared to hold serious talks from Aug.

23, Larijani said Iran's answer has logically, fairly and constructively addressed demands of the proposed package, recommending the P5+1 group to return to the negotiation table immediately despite the false atmosphere created against Iran that it was buying time.

He said Iran was ready to discuss all issues raised in the proposed packages, including nuclear and long-term economic and technical as well as security cooperation in the region and reach conclusion in a climate of understanding.

He went on to say that in all the three sectors, the Islamic Republic of Iran -- as a responsible state in the international system -- is ready to play its constructive role.


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