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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Armed forces' increased defensive capabilities displayed in Zarbat-e Zolfaqar wargames

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Zahedan, Aug 21, IRNA
The third stage of massive wargames dubbed `Zarbat-e Zolfaqar' was held here Monday with Iran's ground forces conducting state-of-the-art operations against air targets such as fighter planes and choppers.

Unmanned aircraft targeted fighter planes and helicopters.

Brigadier General Mohammad-Hassan Dadras, commander of ground forces, said the massive wargames, the first stage of which began here Saturday, are to be held in stages in 15 other provinces in southern, southwestern and western Iran, and are intended to assess facilities, equipment and defensive capabilities of the army.

Elaborating on the two earlier stages of the maneuver, he said the first stage consisted of special drills conducted by 10 divisions while the second stage test-fired missiles.

"We have been seeking to acquire necessary equipment to enable the army to repel attacks against Muslim nations," he said.

Dadras added that the three stages of Zarbat-e Zolfaqar were all successful.

Referring to expert forces in the army capable of assessing the capabilities of the enemy, the chief commander said that the Iranian army is capable of identifying the weak and strong points of the enemy.

He said that the army has forces capable of repelling enemy attacks with its surface-to-surface, surface-to-water and surface-to-air missiles, which have been test-fired to demonstrate their remarkable range and high precision.

"Along with our highly capable ground forces, we are able to assess the threats of the enemy and undertake effective measures to defend the Islamic Republic, he said.

Commenting on the possibility of UN sanctions being imposed on Iran, the chief army commander said "we owe our current facilities and capabilities to past sanctions."

Dadras said that the Iranian armed forces are well prepared to defend the country and establish peace and stability in Muslim nations of the region.

"We are highly capable of preventing outsiders from entering the region because experience shows they create instability and insecurity," he said.


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