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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Envoy: Nuclear installations to be built again if targeted

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Athens, Aug 19, IRNA
Iran's Ambassador to Athens Mehdi Mohtashami said that if the country's nuclear installations are targeted, they will be rebuilt, given that Iran has access to nuclear technology.

Mohtashami made the remark in an exclusive interview with the Greek daily Elefterotypia, which was released on Saturday.

The Iranian diplomat said that Iran's peaceful nuclear program and uranium enrichment will certainly continue under any circumstances.

"The US administrators should have learned a lesson and realized that it is impossible to solve any problem by dropping bombs on the heads of people. Otherwise, they should have managed to solve the issues of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon," he said.

Turning to Iran's nuclear program for peaceful purposes, he said that given the country's access to nuclear technology and that the program is not merely restricted to a limited number of nuclear centers, if they are targeted today, they will be built again.

In response to a question whether Hizbollah's victory has made Iran more determined to continue its nuclear activities, he said, "We intend to continue our nuclear program, given the nation's call for it.

"We believe that such a technology will be quite effective in our future progress and has nothing to do with the victory of Hizbollah's combatants over the Zionist regime."

The Iranian ambassador stated that Iran merely offered political, spiritual and ethical assistance to Hizbollah rather than military.

"However, to justify its failure against Hizbollah, the Zionist regime first claimed that Iran and Syria help Hizbollah and provide them with weapons.

"Later, they brought up the same claim against Russia, China and other states. After all, Hizbollah is a Lebanese organization belonging to its people. So it can procure weapons from any country," he added.

Hizbollah Movement was formed in 1982 after the continued occupation of Lebanon by the Zionist forces to defend to defend their country.

The movement operates within the framework of international and Lebanon's national laws. It is easy for them to purchase weapons.

About Hizbollah's disarmament, he said, "This is the concern of Lebanon's government and Hizbollah. This movement is the only resistance which has managed to defeat the greatest and most equipped armed forces of the region to defend its own territorial integrity."


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