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FM: Iran attaches no value to UNSC nuclear resolution

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 16, IRNA
Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Wednesday that the resolution issued by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Iran's nuclear activities is illegal, political and therefore of no value to Iranians.

He made the remark in response to a question on the resolution on Iran's nuclear issue which was raised by a reporter after his meeting with Malian Foreign Minister Mokhtar Ouan.

Mottaki noted that the United Nations should also be answerable to its abstention of taking action and thus endangering the global peace and security in case of Israel's war on Lebanon as well as its illegal and political issuance of an unfair resolution against Iran.

"The 33-day silence of the UNSC on Lebanon due to the influence of the big powers having a say in the United Nations Security Council has left a shameful spot on the record of its performance.

"The UNSC resolution against Iran was issued 21 days before the deadline for submission of Iran's response to Europe's proposal, while the one on Lebanon was issued 21 days after Israel's attack on Lebanon," he added.

Mottaki raised the question as to, "Why the UNSC issued a hasty resolution on Iran's nuclear issue, but took time and made a delay to issue the one about the Zionist regime's aggression on Lebanon.

"The Iranian nation has its own principled approach to the issue and will not withdraw from its inalienable right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under any condition.

"By issuing such a resolution against Iran, the UNSC is responsible for the loss of our trust in it," he added.



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