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Language of threat ineffective regarding Iran's N-case: envoy

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 12, IRNA
Iranian Ambassador to Thailand Mohsen Pak-Ayeen said in Bangkok on Friday that use of threatening language would not be effective in achieving desired goals in Iran's nuclear case.

"Tehran is determined to study in detail Europe's package of incentives," Pak-Ayeen said during a meeting with members of the Iran-Thailand Trade Council.

He said Iran welcomes continuation of talks on the nuclear issue, and added that only "negotiations based on mutual respect and taking into account the rights of both parties" will solve the problem.

He further said that recognizing a country's inalienable right to the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes will enhance the reputation and standing of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and international community.

He said Iran is determined "to continue its cooperation with the IAEA and take added measures to build confidence."
Referring to the victory of Hamas in Palestine and the increasing political role of the Lebanese Hezbollah, the envoy said that the Zionist regime's attacks on Lebanon are intended "to cover up its failures in domestic policy and increasing international isolation." He assessed as "illogical" the Zionist plan backed by the US to disarm Hezbollah, saying the "Lebanese people and government are counting on the presence of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon to safeguard their country's territorial integrity."
The ambassador expressed his regret over the long period of time it took the international community to act on Israel's devastating war on Lebanon and stressed the importance of an immediate ceasefire.

"The military attacks on the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples should end at the earliest and an unconditional ceasefire should immediately take effect."

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