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President: Iran still interested in dialogue based on justness

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 10, IRNA
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was quoted on Thursday as saying that Those who think only about bombs, war, and attacking others are the root cause of everything that is wrong in the world.

The president made the remarks in an exclusive interview with the Indian newspaper 'The Hindu'.

The following is the full text of the interview:
Q: "We are meeting at a time when the crisis over Iran's nuclear program is being escalated. Last week, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution threatening sanctions on Iran even as you are still evaluating your response to the European package of incentives. What is your government likely to do now?"
A: "As I see it, the issue has not become more complicated.

Rather, it is clear. The U.S. and certain European countries do not want Iran to have access to peaceful nuclear technology and use that technology. And they are using everything at their disposal to make sure of this.

"Recent developments in Lebanon again demonstrate that the UNSC is an instrument under their control. And they used this instrument at their disposal, so nothing important has happened. From the very beginning, they were threatening us with their instrument, which is the UNSC.

"And we responded by asking whether the Security Council is controlled by you because you are constantly talking about it and using it to threaten us. We have known this (reality) for some time now. But these days everything has become that much clearer.

"We have always been interested in talking, and we are still interested in dialogue, in the context of the law, our national interest, and based on justness and fairness. And in a fair atmosphere. This is because we conduct our affairs lawfully and we have always believed and continued to believe in the concepts of peace and tranquility and justice. So we have nothing to fear.

"We managed to access this technology indigenously, here in Iran (points to his head). This is the end result of our scientific endeavors. Nobody can take this away from us (again points to his head). Having said that, we are still interested in talking if there are parties out there which might have questions. We are always interested in receiving their questions and responding to them. They have given us a proposal. And we have responded by saying that we will respond to you later. And we are very much in the middle of studying that package. And we also gave them a date."

Q: August 22?
A: "Yes, we said we would reply on the 22nd of August and they issued a resolution nevertheless! I am at a loss to explain this. What is the meaning of this? The only conclusion I can draw is that they are bullying us. They want to impose their will on us. They really are not looking for a dialogue.

"In all honesty, they do not want to talk to us but want to impose their wishes on us. They want to deny us our rights. They want to place a Damocles sword over our head so that we give up eventually.

But they have miscalculated. The time for such behaviors is in the past, it's finished. We are not concerned. And they will regret the miscalculation they have made today."

Q: "Last year, at the U.N. General Assembly, you made an interesting proposal for a multinational fuel cycle but the other countries did not respond. Is it possible that on August 22, you will make another proposal, so as to keep the path for dialogue open?" A: "What we have announced is that we are going to study the package of incentives, and later we are going to express our opinion on this. We are interested in continuing with negotiations. But their most recent behavior is reason enough for us to doubt their sincerity.

"Given everything that has happened, we no longer have any confidence, any trust. We assume that the whole idea of presenting us with a package was a political exercise more than anything else. So it has become very difficult for us to remove from our mind the conclusion we have arrived at, which is that they are less than sincere.

"It is difficult for us to believe they have given up their colonial practices. Of course, there is a lot of possibility, a lot of likelihood, that we are going to continue the packages more and we are going to come back with a response. We are trying our very best to do just that."
Q: "Were you surprised at Russia and China joining hands with the U.S., France, and Britain in passing this resolution at the UNSC? A: "No. We are standing on our own two feet. Of course, we would like to see our friends stand side by side with us.


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