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Iran will pursue its nuclear rights within NPT - Larijani

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran will pursue its rights with respect to the peaceful use of nuclear energy within the framework of the NPT, said a senior Iranian official here Sunday.

Referring to the adoption by the UN Security Council of a resolution against Iran, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani said, "Such conducts to deprive Iran (of its rights) will not have any effect on our resolve."

"We will revise our policies in the nuclear case if they change their conduct," he told domestic and foreign reporters.

In response to a question, he elaborated on a recent SNSC statement which said in case of ratification of a resolution against Iran and pursuance of confrontation in place of negotiation with respect to Iran's nuclear case, Iran would revise its policies.

Larijani said Iran's nuclear case was brought up at the Security Council several months ago and the resolution which has been ratified now was raised at that time.

America and several European countries stated that they wanted to introduce an initiative and did not want to issue a resolution.

They said they intended to resolve the case through diplomatic means and negotiation with Iran which was a rational decision.

"After some bargaining, they prepared the package of incentives and forwarded it to Iran. We started to study the package. But they ratified the resolution before waiting for the result of our studies." "Isn't this, from your point of view, controversial that at first they decide to settle the issue in another way and then do what they did not intend to?"

"This," he said, "shows that their intention in offering the package and negotiations is questionable and they followed other aims by offering the package.

"They should know that such resolutions will not have any effect on our resolve and if they are after depriving Iran of nuclear technology, they are mistaken."
This happened one more time last year, he said.

"They intended to take Iran's case to the Security Council and we told them if this happens and if the case is taken to the Security Council, based on a decision by the Majlis, implementation of the Additional Protocol would be limited, and this happened."

Larijani then said, "What did they gain from this? Because they thought they would be able to influence our determination."


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