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Larijani: Iran's leading role in region has nothing to do with nuclear issue

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 6, IRNA
Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani said here Sunday that Iran's leading role in the region has nothing to do with nuclear issues.

Addressing domestic and foreign reporters, he said "We are a rich country with numerous blessings and talented individuals and so we do not need to be appeased."

"We are to enjoy our own rights and it is totally unacceptable to hear that we cannot take the leadership of the region unless we give up some of our tools," he said.

"We do not need others mottos or recommendations," he said adding that it is a double standard policy to investigate Iran's nuclear dossier in the UNSC and IAEA simultaneously.

IAEA is an international organization and the way the UNSC has dealt with the issue means that a specialized organization has lost its credibility or importance, he said, adding that when IAEA declares that Iran's nuclear dossier is peaceful and pose no threats to world peace and security, there is no room for interference of UNSC.

UNSC is a political organization and is not a legal or professional institution, he said, adding that this indicates that some are trying to politicized the issue.

"We have already declared in the past that if Iran's peaceful nuclear dossier is referred to UNSC, we will no longer abide by NPT additional protocol as our Majlis is determined to make decisions to this end and we should wait for such decisions," he said.

"We are a member of IAEA and fully observe NPT rules and regulations," he said, adding that UN resolution will affect Iran's behavior.

"We will vehemently continue our path and such resolutions can leave no impacts on Iran's peaceful nuclear activities. We are determined to expand our nuclear technology," he underlined.

"We do not want to reduce IAEA's supervision but they should avoid forcing us to take such a measure," he said.

On role of Russia and China in recent UN resolution, he said "the two countries tried to change the wording of the resolution which should not be ignored and we are to continue our relations with them.

"We are to continue our cooperation with Russia in the field of nuclear energy and armament technology and it will be to the benefit of regional countries to maintain their ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran," he said.

On change of nuclear negotiating team, he said the decision will be made by the country's high ranking officials and any change in members of the negotiating team would have no impacts on it, he said.

On recent rumors of transfer of uranium to the country, he said it is totally fabricated and is considered a psychological warfare staged by the Americans because Iran possess uranium reserves and has just required technological means to change it into yellow cake, he said.


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