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Larijani says Iran shoulders a heavy duty in nuclear fuel cycle

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 6, IRNA
Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said here Sunday that Tehran shoulders a heavy duty and its mastering nuclear duel cycle would mean national independence.

"The prerequisite for Iran's independence and prosperity in the field of nuclear technology is resistance to illogical and irrational pressures," said Larijani at a press conference here on Sunday.

Larijani said that if Iran fails to master nuclear fuel cycle, it will have to meet its requirements from global nuclear centers in the next two decades when fossil fuel runs out.

On the US President George W. Bush's claim of establishment of a nuclear fuel bank, Larijani said, "They want to jeopardize countries' independence. Iranian statesmen are making efforts to guarantee a future in which the country will stand on its own feet."

Asked on the vote of China, Russia and Qatar to the UN Security Council resolution, proposed by the westerners, Larijani said all countries, including China and Russia make decision based on their own interests and "of course, we do not like to test our friends just by a single experience."

Larijani said that furthermore, international equations too will not help solve issues "and we do not wish to issue orders to other countries."

On content of the proposed package, Larijani said, "As we said since the beginning, the package has some ambiguities and separate committees are studying different aspects of it."
"The package is potentially worth being discussed and can be a good start for talks," he added.

The top nuclear negotiator said Iran wants fair dialogue, believing that the talks should not be held under pressure. He said Iran will respond to the package on August 22.


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