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US should take 1st step for talks on Iran's peaceful nuclear issue

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 2, IRNA
The US should take the first step for talks with Iran on its peaceful nuclear program, said Deputy Foreign Minister Saeed Jalili in an interview with an Italian daily.

"The US hostility towards Iran is not a speculation, rather that's something that Americans themselves have acknowledged to and therefore, they should take the first step for negotiations with Iran," Jalili told the Italian daily 'La Republica'.

Jalili said that the US has never put forth any proof to substantiate its allegations against Iran.

"The US has today adopted an act based on which a budget of dlrs 75 million would be allocated for toppling Iran's government," he added.

Evidently, he added, no words can make up for such hostile measures and "we have witnessed no concrete change on the US part yet."

The US has been hostile towards Iran for more than half a century, said Jalili, adding, "Washington toppled government of (Iran's former prime minister Mohammad) Mosaddeq in 1953 and for the next 25 years it helped keep a monarchical regime in power." On the crisis in Lebanon, Jalili said growing Israeli attacks and massacre of civilians have made the issues very complicated, arousing the anger of people in Lebanon and other Middle East states against Israel.

"Iran is sensitive towards events in Lebanon. Tehran is well aware of its importance and influence as well as its role in maintaining peace and stability in the region."

As for Iran's peaceful nuclear program and EU's package of incentives, Jalili said the Islamic Republic of Iran has in principle welcomed dialogue but an agreement should be reached to strike a balance between rights and duties based on international conventions.

"The 5+1 group's proposal can be taken as a step forward. For instance, while rejecting resort to threat, the proposal says one can not speak with the language of threat with an independent state which has the sovereignty right," he said.


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