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Asefi rules out PGCC statement on Bushehr NPP

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, June 5, IRNA

Tehran on Monday brushed off claims by the six Persian Gulf Cooperation Council members that Iran's Bushehr nuclear ower plant was an affront to their environment.

"It's a matter of surprise that these countries are expressing concern over a powerplant which has not started work and received no nuclear fuel injection yet," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid- Reza Asefi in reaction to the final statement of the 99th PGCC session in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Saturday.

Asefi emphasized that all issues and operations related to Bushehr powerplant fall under supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has in elaborate discussions with the heads and officials of regional state informed them of the safety of Bushehr powerplant, its high international standards and the double cost of raising the facility's safety; therefore, any concern over likely pollution is a sort of illusion and prejudgment, being not consistent with the IAEA's repeated verifications."
Asefi said the Islamic Republic of Iran, emphasizing its absolute right for peaceful use of nuclear energy, has always been willing to cooperate with the IAEA and will continue to do so.

He said regional states are expected to act wisely in tune with the wishes of the Muslim, Non-Aligned Movement and developing states for official recognition of the right of countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, for peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The six members of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh on Saturday claimed they were deeply worried about the developments in Iran's nuclear program.

Moreover, Asefi described the UAE's repeated claim of owning the Iranian islands of Abu Moussa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs as "legally unjustified" and "an intervention" in Iran's internal affairs." He stressed that the three islands are integral part of Iran's territory.

Asefi hoped that the Iran-UAE talks to iron out misunderstandings regarding the 1971 Abu Moussa agreement would be effective.


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