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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Peace loving Iran not after acquiring A-bomb -- Rafsanjani

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, May 26, IRNA
Substitute Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani stressed here on Friday that peace loving Iran is not after acquiring nuclear weapons.

Addressing hundreds of pious Tehrani worshipers, the Chairman of Iran's Expediency Council said, "We still expect the world powers to come to their senses and not to create further chaotic conditions in this sensitive region, because if they would do so they would be directly responsible for its aftermath."
Rafsanjani reiterated, "After the elapse of two calm weeks, they (the Western powers) they have once again begun threats and pursued harsh policies since yesterday."
He stressed, "We are by no means interested in aggravating tension in our nuclear talks, or in holding non-constructive talks, but they are seriously pursuing a policy aimed at depriving a country of its absolute right, ignoring the historic fact that the Iranians have never permitted anyone deprive them of their rights." The veteran politician addressed the "enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran", advising them not to commit mistakes, adding, "The heads of two main occupying countries of Iraq (US and UK) in their yesterday interviews confessed they have committed two mistakes in occupation of Iraq."
Addressing the US President George W. Bush and the British Prime Minster Tony Blair, Rafsanjani said, "Consider the regional developments and Iran affairs more rationally and think deeper about the matter so that you would not feel obliged to confess to having made new mistakes in case of Iran, as well."
The substitute Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran added, "The US President referred to Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prison scandals as mistakes, while the British Prime Minister said that depriving the entire members of Iraqi Ba'th Party of all state positions had been a mistake.

Referring to the grave crimes committed by the former Iraqi Ba'th party inside Iraq and in the world, including the eight-year Iraqi imposed war against Iran, Rafsanjani reiterated, "No one has any doubt about the tyrant nature of the former Iraqi regime."
He added, "Blair's regret over de-Ba'thification in Iraq proves the fact that they had been after achieving objectives other than restoration of democracy, which was nothing but populist propaganda." Elsewhere in his second sermon the Tehran Friday preacher referred to recent events in Iran's Azarbaijan Province, arguing, "We all need to take lessons from such incidents, to remain alert, and to know that our enemies are actively after hatching new plots against us." Rafsanjani reiterated, "We will remunerate for the inconvenience caused for our Azeri citizens and this incident has to be remembered as a lesson for all of us."
He added, "Those behind fueling this incident have to be identified; if there has been a mistake it has to be corrected, and if has been the aftermath of a treacherous act, it has to be dealt with respectively."
The Head of Iran's Expediency Council emphasized, "Most of the problems that emerged there was the result of leaving the people uninformed of the realities, which means we need to act more urgently in such cases."
Rafsanjani asked the country's national broadcasting service to identify the roots of the crises and to keep the people informed constantly.

Appreciating the alertness and wisdom of the Azeri Iranian citizens, Hashemi Rafsanjani emphasized, "This nation is greatly indebted to its Azeri citizens throughout the course of Iran's history."
Rafsanjani then talked in detail about the liberation of the southwestern city of Khorramshahr from the occupation of the Iraqi forces as "one of the proudest eras in Iran's history", the anniversary of 15th of Khordad (June 5) Islamic uprising led by Imam Khomeini, (PBUH), the sad anniversary of Imam's demise on the 14th of Khordad (June 4), and the 11th of Khordad (June 1) that marks the International Children's Day as the "occasions of the upcoming week." Referring to the presence of a number of Najaf Seminary Alims at this week's Friday Prayers ritual, he said, "The occupiers are fortunately pushed back step by step thanks to the alertness of the Iraqi officials and Alims, and the Iraqis keep taking further steps forward parallel to those retreats."
At the end of his second sermon, Rafsanjani expressed regret over the ongoing massacre of the Palestinian nation, proposing, "A new season has to begin in Palestine in favor of that land's people, despite the resistance of Israel and its supporters. We are witnesses to the occurrence of bloody incidents there, which we hope would not be repeated relying on the wisdom of the wise Palestinian elites." 2329/1420


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