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Solana: EU ready to help Iran in civilian nuclear project

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Brussels, May 15, IRNA
European Union High Representative for a common foreign and security policy, Javier Solana, underlined Monday Iran's right to peaceful nuclear technology and pledged Europe's support to help Iran to get the most updated nuclear technology if Iran wins the confidence of the international community.

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels Monday afternoon, Solana said the EU is to offer the Islamic Republic a cooperation package as an effort to find a diplomatic solution to the nuclear stand-off.

"We have an element of nuclear, we have an element of economics and an element of politics? as a proof not only of the Europeans but members of the UN Security Council that we are willing and ready to support Iran in what they want to have a nuclear reactor for energy, and not any other thing."
"If that is the case I am sure that the path we are thinking of will be accepted, if they want something else it maybe rejected,'' said Solana speaking after EU foreign ministers discussed EU ties with Iran.

"For us in Europe it is fundamental to establish a mechanism to build confidence and trust "
"To build confidence and trust between us I think it is essential that the enrichment process be stopped, " he stressed.

He said if Iran wants to generate electricity, Europe can help out with a major positive project which will go beyond the project presented in August and which was rejected by Tehran.

Asked about the time-frame for Iran to halt its enrichment activity, Solana said it depends on the period of confidence established between us.

"There is a confidence gap that needs to be closed" he said.

"For the time being we seek full stopping the enrichment process and then we will get into a dialogue" as part of which would be to provide Iran with the use of peaceful nuclear technology of the most advanced kind that exists today.

"We have said many many times that we want to work with Iran to have a solution that is diplomatic."
Solana noted that Iran's nuclear dossier has gone from Vienna to New York and said "We have nothing against, I would like to say it clearly and loudly, Iran to use nuclear power for peaceful means." "We don't have the guarantee from ElBaradei (IAEA chief) that this is the case."
"We are going to present a plan to them, a cooperative project to them that will prove very good and very clearly that if they want to construct a nuclear energy power plant they will have in cooperation with the EU and other members of the international community the best possible security knowledge about that," he added.

Later speaking to IRNA , Solana said the EU will present the cooperation package to Iran at the same time when the UN Security Council approves a resolution on Iran.

"I do not know exactly when will be the end of the debate, but about that time in contemporary with the UN resolution" the EU will offer its package to Tehran.


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