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Embassy issues statement in support of Iran's legitimate rights to nuclear energy

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Kuala Lumpur, May 15, IRNA
Iran's embassy in Thailand issued a statement on Monday in support of the country's legitimate right to peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Welcoming continued negotiations with the European countries on Iran's nuclear standoff, the embassy underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran would only accept those offers that guarantee the country's legitimate rights to nuclear energy along with uranium enrichment.

The statement published by Thai mass media underlined that Iran has a strong interest in enhancing the integrity and authority of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Iran has been on the forefront of efforts to ensure the treaty's universality.

Iran's reliance on the non-proliferation regime is based on legal commitments, sober strategic calculations and spiritual and ideological doctrine, it said.

Iran has declared its eagerness to find a negotiated solution that would protect its rights while ensuring that its nuclear program would remain exclusively peaceful.

Pressure and threats do not resolve problems. Finding solutions requires political will and readiness to engage in serious negotiations. The statement clarified Iran's stance as follows:
1- Concerning a new proposal by the EU3 no such plan has yet been extended to the Islamic Republic of Iran. But Iran may consider only those plans which recognize Tehran's nuclear rights and restoration of these rights.

2- Iran would not step back or give up its rights, since Iran is an NPT member state; no one is authorized to menace the Islamic Republic of Iran.

With reference to recent statements of the International Atomic Energy Agency director-general about the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activities, and his assertion that the case must be studied within the Agency, Iran believes any verification of the case at any other world body lacks legality and would be futile.

3- Negotiations and diplomatic efforts is the only way to solve Tehran's nuclear case, and any use of force or threat would be a big mistake.

4- Iran reiterates that any kind of proposal by the EU3, requiring Iran to suspend its peaceful nuclear activities is not acceptable.

5- We emphasize that any kind of unilateral decision exclusive of Iran's views lacks authenticity, and all the proposals requiring suspension of Iran's peaceful nuclear activities lack credit.

6- Iran will never give up its legitimate rights as stipulated by Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in return for a package of incentives offered by the European states.

7- The best incentive for Iran is implementation of the NPT rules and regulations by the Europeans, particularly articles 2 and 4, applicable to all the world nations equally.


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