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Ayat. Khatami: Iran not to back down by "bullying" resolution

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, May 5, IRNA
Iran is not a country to back down in the face of the "bullying" resolution of westerners, said substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami here on Friday.

"Instead of being an international institution to support justice, the UN Security Council has turned into a place for denial of international law," said Khatami in his second sermon to Tehrani Friday prayers worshippers.

Calling Iran's access to nuclear fuel cycle as an honor for all the Muslim states, Khatami said, "West has passed a bad test in that case."
He said westerners have been hostile in Iran's nuclear case, intending to take revenge on Iran.

He went on to say that westerners do not like to see the great Iranian nation stands on its feet.

The Iranian cleric also criticized the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for its Iran approach and said the Agency would never be able to compensate its ugly function towards the country.

He said the IAEA has the duty to disarm the countries possessing nuclear arms and help the members gain access to nuclear energy.

"The Agency has been incompetent in the two fields and Israel has now turned into hub of nuclear weapons," he said.

Khatami referred to Iran's self-sufficiency in the field of nuclear fuel and said that instead of encouraging and assisting Iran and supporting justice, the IAEA is backing the bullies and the arrogant powers, that are the "axis of evil."
He recommended western states to officially recognize Iran's legitimate rights for access to peaceful nuclear technology and said Iranian officials are ready for dialogue.

Iran lies in a sensitive strategic region and its insecurity means insecurity in the Middle East, said Khatami, adding, "If instead of talks they wish to follow the path of confrontation and speak with the Iranian nation with the language of force, the nation's reaction will be so strong that will make the enemy regret for ever." Elsewhere in his address, Ayatollah Khatami hailed appointment of Nuri Kamel Maleki as Iraq's prime minister and hoped the prime minister will form a powerful and strong government and defend Islam, the territorial integrity of Iraq and rights of the Iraqi nation.

He said the new Iraqi government should plan speedy withdrawal of the occupiers.

"The story of occupiers is worth serving as a piece of advice; the US intended to build a democracy tower in Iraq but the tower resulted in murder, pillage and explosion of twin shrines there," said the Ayatollah.


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