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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Full text of President's address

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 14, IRNA
The following is the first part of the full text of the President of the Islamic Revolution, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's address at the opening session of the Third International Qods Conference supporting the rights of the Palestinian people is as follows:
In the Name of God, the Almighty
Dear Scholars and Thinkers;
Honorable Speakers and Members of Parliament,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Sallamo Alleikom,
On behalf of the people and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran I would like to welcome you and also express my own thanks and appreciation for your presence at this conference. I hope your blessed and fruitful presence in this conference will take pressure off and lighten hardship and the inconvenience of your journey from countries far and near.

Fortunately, the timing of the conference concurs and falls together with the anniversary birth of our great prophet. This augurs well and is a very auspicious concurrence.

Prophet of Islam is the messenger of compassion, mercy, justice and human dignity. He is source and center of unity for believers in God and all Muslims. Our prophet is the harbinger of peace and global harmony on the basis of oneness of God and justice. Our beloved prophet wants the good of the entire humanity, is the pinnacle of human perfection and inheritor of the goodness of all divine prophets.

I wish to seize this opportunity to offer my sincerest felicitations on the occasion of the anniversary of this auspicious birth to the honorable participants in this meeting, to all Muslims and to the entire humanity.

Excellencies, Dear Sisters and Brothers
The question of Palestine has been the foremost preoccupation of the people of the region and Muslim ummah for the past sixty years.

This is a wound that has been inflicted by the Zionist occupiers upon the nations of the region, Muslims and especially the Palestinian people. This is an agonizing and heart-rending pain that will not disappear easily.

At this time, I would like to mention some of the costs to our region because of the imposition of this regime:
Unending Threat
The existence of the Zionist regime is tantamount to imposition of an unending and unrestrained threat so that none of the nations and Islamic countries of the region and beyond can feel secure from its threat. The closer these nations are to the epicenter of this threat, the more threatened they feel. The people of Palestine are at the very core of such a threat. They have not been able to spend a day with peace of mind for the past sixty years. Three generations of sons and daughters of Palestinians have lived and are presently living under these circumstances. The peoples of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the entire Middle East are essentially under similar situation.

Wastage of Immense Resources of the Region and the Muslim Ummah As a result of the presence of the usurp Zionist regime in the region, enormous wealth and assets of the Islamic countries of the region are spent for maintaining defensive strength, and at times for actual defense. In addition, an important part of the human resources, which are the principle assets of any nation, is expended for the same purpose.

Insult to Dignity of the Faithful and Believers
The existence of the Zionist regime is a threat to the dignity of the Muslim ummah, the believers and the faithful. In accordance with the noble verse from the Holy Koran, the domination of such a regime over the Muslim ummah that reside in the occupied territories and the region is contrary to the consent of the Almighty.

By its unending killings, destruction of homes and farms, encroaching upon sacred places, mosques and churches, unrelenting assaults on residential and non-residential places and targeted assassinations, this regime not only humiliates and disgraces Palestinian people, but also tramples upon the pride and dignity of all Muslims and freedom-loving people of the world.

How long can this situation last and be tolerated? When Imam Ali, Commander of the Faithful, heard that an anklet was forcefully removed from the the feet of a Jewish woman by the invaders in one of the frontier cities under his rule, he said, "If a man dies from grief because of this act, he should not be reprimanded."

Today, even the children are not spared and are targeted by their bullets.

Palestinian men and women are abducted and tortured in their fearsome prisons.

People are shot dead in schools, on the streets and at markets.

Does this situation and scenes of atrocity befit the dignity and pride if humanity?
The foundation of the continued existence of this usurper regime is on sowing disunity among the nations and governments of the region.

By their insidious interferences and by creating an atmosphere of mistrust and resentment, they separate and divide countries and governments of region.

Under this atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust they are able to establish covert liaison, impose costly military and economic and enforce the disgraceful political arrangements of the domineering powers on nations and governments of the region.

The Zionist regime is the focal and meeting point for bullying powers and adversaries of the Muslim ummah.

Our enemies and ill-wishers are putting pressures on countries, nations of the region and Muslim ummah by strengthening and supporting this threat and despite all their deep differences they become united when the time comes to encounter this region.

In fact, it is through Qods occupying regime that the domineering powers tend to impose their wishes on the Muslim nations.

This regime acts as a proxy and assumes the responsibility on behalf of bullying powers for acts of terror, creating disunity and division and sabotaging political, economic and cultural relations between the countries of the region and with other nations of the world.

PREVENTING THE PROGRESS AND ADVANCEMENT OF ISLAMIC COUNTRIES The bullying powers use different excuses to prevent transfer of science and technology and progress of the nations of our region.

They regard our advancement as a threat to the corrupt Zionist regime. They do not allow the countries of the region to tread on the path to progress and advancement.

They even oppose indigenous technologies in the Islamic countries and interpret any scientific advancement as a threat to the security of Qods occupier regime.

You can see how they treat our nation that has been able to have access to nuclear technology by relying on the innovations and creative minds of its own scientists.

Nuclear technology is one of the primary foundations for progress and serving the people, and in not too distant future, nations without this technology will have no choice but to resort to it in order to meet their growing energy needs and to use it for other scientific and economic purposes.

Offending the sanctity of al Aqsa mosque and demographic and physical alterations of Qods and al Aqsa mosque that are respected by all followers of divine monotheistic religions are the consequences of the Zionist occupation which has damaged these institutions and monotheism and precious heritage of humanity.

The homelessness of millions of Palestinian refugees and their forces displacement from their fatherland is a pain and brutality that cannot be explained in words.

What I just briefly referred to are some of the dire consequences of the continued existence of this fictitious regime.

The question is: What is the philosophy and reasoning behind establishment and imposition of such a regime by certain Western powers?
Some Western powers admit that they have killed a large part of Jewish population in Europe and founded the occupied regime in order to put right the wrong they had committed.

With deference to all nations and followers of divine religions, we are asking if this atrocity is true, then why the people of the region should pay for it by occupation of Palestinian lands and unending suppression of Palestinian people, by homelessness of millions of Palestinians, by destruction of their cities and rural areas and agricultural lands.

Why should they pay by fire, bullets and imposition of forces? And why should they pay by tolerating occupation of Islamic lands? Are the consequences of the establishment of this regime less than the Holocaust you are claiming?
If there are doubts regarding the Holocaust, there is really no doubt regarding Palestinian disaster and Holocaust. The Holocaust in Palestine has persisted for more than sixty years.

The bitter truth is that the vast Zionist network has been at the service of the bullying powers for decades.

The Zionist regime is serving these powers to expand their domination and supremacy, and some weaker Western nations have succumbed to the pressures of the Zionists.

Today, it is not only the Palestinians the Islamic world that are affected by the Zionist threats, but also a large part of economic and political interests of the people in the West are also hostage by the Zionists.

I regret to say that governments under the influence of the Zionists in some European countries are making key positions and posts, financial, industrial and agricultural resources available to them for the sake of consolidating the pillars of their power.

They are prepared to sacrifice the freedom, dignity and honor of their citizens under the feet of the Zionists.

There is much to say regarding this matter that I will hopefully share with European people in due time.

The question of Palestine is not solely a question for the Muslim world. Today, the entire world is affected by it.

The tragedy of occupation in Palestine and daily atrocities has harmed the dignity and honor of humanity.

How can any free-minded people condone what is happening in the occupied territories? There have been many Palestinian people that have passed away yearning for return to their homes.

And there are many Palestinian children who are living with the dream of returning to Palestine.

What should be done? And how should we move forward?

"Excellencies, Distinguished Sisters and Brothers
"Peace and harmonious relations can only be based on towhid, human dignity and justice. Oppressions and aggressions are not compatible with human dignity and justice. The Zionist regime is a clear example of oppression and its fundamental nature represents actual and permanent threat. The very purpose behind the
establishment of this regime was to put in place a permanent threat in the region. Therefore, the continued existence of this regime is premised on the persistence of this threat. It will have no existence without threat and aggression and it is not inherently capable to survive in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Even if it manages to remain in one square meter of the Palestinian land, it will continue to be a threat to the region.

"Take a good look at the bullying powers of the world. When it comes to supporting the Zionist regime, they recognize no red line and boundaries for justice, human rights and human dignity. The usurper Zionist regime is the meeting point of the injustices and brutalities of the corrupt bullying powers.

"Only a government chosen by the people can resolve the problem of Palestine and the people of the region. The right to govern belongs to all people of Palestine and they must decide the governing model of their choice and elect their own officials.

"For this purpose, there must be an opportunity for all genuine Palestinians; be they Muslims, Christians, or Jews, residing in Palestine or in Diaspora, to participate in a referendum to decide the political system of their choice and elect their leaders.

"In other words, the only rational way which is compatible with the generally recognized international norms is holding of a referendum for all genuine Palestinians.

"The supporters of the Zionist regime prefer to remain silent in face of this reasonable proposition. But I tell them that regardless of what they desire, the Zionist regime is falling apart.

"The young tree of resistance in Palestine is blooming and blooms of faith and desire for freedom are flowering.

"The Zionist regime is a decaying and crumbling tree that will fall with a storm. Today even the inhabitants of the occupied Palestine, especially the African and Asian settlers are living in ain, poverty and discontent.

"I tell the governments supporting the Zionist regime to open the doors to the prisons in the occupied Palestine and allow the refugees and displaced Palestinians to return to their homeland and summon the usurpers of the Palestinian lands.

"If you still consider yourself indebted to them, then find a proper place for them in your own territories, if not call upon them to return to their countries of origin to live like their

"Ladies and Gentlemen
"Today we are all accountable in facing the question of Palestine. The enemies of humanity are trying hard to keep this nest of intrigue. They are using the resources and the wealth of their people to keep this regime in power at the expense of the poverty and destitution of their people.

"With the grace of the Almighty, nations of the world-- especially the Muslim nations,-- are awake and are the greatest supports of the Palestinian people in the struggle against the Zionist usurpers.

"Islamic governments can solve the problem of Palestine by their unity and solidarity. The parliaments of countries can play an important role in awakening and forging unity among nations and by placing the question of Palestine in their permanent agenda.

"The question of Palestine is the present and lasting concern of not only Muslims, but the entire humanity.

"Palestine is the meeting point of right and wrong. Freedom for Palestine is the present aspiration of humanity. We must believe that good will prevail and evil will disappear. We must believe that Palestine will be free soon.

"A regime based on injustice and threat cannot survive. Today all conditions for the freedom of Palestine are on hand and available. Vigilance, unity and resistance are the keys to victory.

The destiny of the region will be decided in the land of Al-Qods and it will be a great honour to share in the victory of Palestine.

"I pray to the Almighty for the power and strength of the Muslim Ummah and the victory of Palestinian people.

"Once again I offer my congratulations on the auspicious birth of our dear prophet and thank the organizers of this conference. I thank all the dear guests and brothers and sisters and hope the results of this conference will be a long step forward in realizing the noble Palestinian cause."

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