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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Response to the Statement from the Five Nuclear States

Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Feb 1, 2006

In the Name of God, the Almighty .
Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Response to the Statement from the Five Nuclear States .
In the course of the past two and a half years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has made the greatest efforts for expanded cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Nevertheless, the five nuclear Permanent Members of the Security Council issued a statement which is totally political and contrary to the recognized international rules and regulations.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has fully complied with the provisions of the NPT, has voluntarily implemented the Additional Protocol and accepted inspections, and has taken measures beyond the requirements of the Additional Protocol for the sake of removing misunderstandings, utmost cooperation, transparency, and building confidence.
While the path to negotiations is still open and there are yet substantial opportunities for finding a rational solution, political motives can make the situation even more difficult and complicated.
It is of utmost regret that states that lay claim to civilization are using the threat of referral to the Security Council against a nation merely on grounds of `research and development.
` It is also totally amazing that while all nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are under the inspection of the Agency on a voluntary basis and the Agency has the possibility for the maximum inspections of our facilities, some governments try to bring to an end this arrangement and the voluntary actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
This action confronts the government in Iran with a serious legal obstacle, since there is a binding resolution, ratified by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, that leaves no choice for the government but to stop its voluntary cooperation.
This statement has no legal basis and violates the provisions of NPT and the statute of IAEA.
These actions will bring nothing but loss of credibility for the Agency and weakening of the standing of the international treaties and bodies, and those behind such actions must accept the consequences.
The commanding and arrogant tone of the statement violates the professional and legal independence of the Agency.
It also undermines the rights of the member states of NPT, the Board of Governors and even other members of the Security Council, and demonstrates that a closed club of few members from the powerful countries manage the affairs of our world against the desire and the will of nations, governments and the international community.
It is regrettable that nuclear-weapon states with the largest arsenals of nuclear weapons, instead of trying to build international confidence through implementing their nuclear disarmament obligation under NPT, are developing new and more sophisticated types of nuclear weapons and openly threaten to use them against non-nuclear states.
They intend to hold on to their monopoly of nuclear know-how and technology and deprive other nations of their legal rights to peaceful use of nuclear technology.
Their conduct has given rise to a wave of mistrust in the international community towards their real intentions.
They need to act and take constructive and practical measures to build confidence and trust in the international community.
In our opinion, resolving differences of views and being able to answer the questions regarding the peaceful nature of Iran`s nuclear activities is only possible in a cooperative atmosphere free from pressure and intimidation and through dialogue.
We can still tread on the path of building confidence by using constructive approaches and though greater understanding.
These threats will not have the slightest impact on the resolve of the people and the government of Iran to pursue and exercise its legitimate rights under NPT.
Involving the Security Council in Iran`s peaceful nuclear program is the beginning of a process which definitely its continuation or termination will not be in the hands of those initiated.

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