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Ahmadinejad: West treating Iran's nuclear dossier politically

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 26, IRNA
IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticizing the West's political confrontation with Iran's nuclear program, said here Wednesday, "In confrontation with Iran's sound legal logic, they boast about their military force, trying to impose their political objectives."
Ahmadinejad made the comment in a meeting with visiting Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Noer Hassan Wirajuda, condemning the Western countries' efforts aimed at blocking Iran's path for achieving mastership in nuclear technology.

He added, "Nuclear sciences are now being made indigenous in Iran and they are the result of young and talented Iranian scientists' endeavors."
The president said, "Tehran is determined to defend its rights within the legal barrier of the IAEA and and is equipped with very strong logic for doing so."
Pointing out that the Iranians cannot ignore their own independence and freedom, Ahmadinejad said, "The Iranian nation is today solidly supporting the government in its insistence on their right to have access to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes." He added, "We are not permitted to ignore our rights and to retreat in confrontation with the illogical pressure of the West, favor holding talks, and are meanwhile ready to defend our natural rights at international scene."
The president referred to the existence of great facilities and huge potentials within the Islamic world for advancement and development, reiterating, "The world is in need of the Islamic countries resources and potentials today."
He added, "We Muslims are responsible today and have to put hands in hands to take full advantage of all potentials at the service of advancement and development of the Islamic World."
Ahmadinejad referred to the various bonds between the two large Islamic countries, Iran and Indonesia, arguing, "Tehran considers Indonesia as a friendly and brother country, believing that our two countries can play a decisive role in the world, and particularly in Islamic World, relying on closer cooperation."
The Indonesian Foreign Minister Noer Hassan Wirajuda, too, during the meeting referred to his talks in Tehran on broadening of bilateral ties, and sympathized with the Iranian nation of Government on sad Ahvaz explosions.

He said, "Indonesia, too, is a victim of terrorism, and I hope in your upcoming visit of Indonesia we would be able to seek a way to effectively confront this phenomenon."
Wirajuda said that as a Muslim country, Indonesia is proud of Iran's achievements in scientific and industrial fields, particularly in the field of peaceful nuclear technology.

He said, "We have always stressed that the NPT members are entitled to take peaceful advantage of that technology", adding Accusing a country of having suspicious intentions in that respect is totally unacceptable."
The Indonesia Foreign Minster denounced rushed reference of Iran to the UN Security Council, saying, "Indonesia believes the Western countries should continue negotiations within the rules of the IAEA and the NPT with Iran."
Wirajuda said that his country is glad that it has not been Iran that has blocked the path for continuation of nuclear talks and sound logic.


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