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Ahmadinejad: Linking Iran's economy to nuclear issue incorrect

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Oct 13, IRNA

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here in first joint meeting of the government and the Majlis (parliament), "Linking the country's economic status to Iran's nuclear program is incorrect since there is no logical relation between the two." During the meeting on Wednesday evening Ahmadinejad considered the nuclear energy as a "national issue", arguing, "Fortunately, Iran has not violated any of the international laws, or NPT regulations in its peaceful nuclear program and the IAEA Chief's latest report confirms that fact."
President Ahmadinejad considered accusations against his government of "acting hurriedly" in adopting decisions regarding country's nuclear program due to "antagonist propagation", reiterating, "In order to secure the Iranian nation's interests in nuclear field, the government has moved wisely, patiently, and based on a well-devised planning."
The president further emphasized, "Our moves have been logical, legal and wise and the enemies of the Iranian nation keep hatching plots in order to make our efforts face defeat, but they should be sure that we would not take even a single step back from our logical and precisely adopted stands."
He added, "Today the Islamic Republic of Iran's stands on significant international issues, particularly on country's nuclear program, are more resolute and logical than ever before."
President Ahmadinejad added, "(The West's) Continuous enmity against the Islamic Republic of Iran has roots in our nation's perseverance in maintaining its religious-national identity and its Islamic culture zealously, fearless from trouble-making of hegemonic world powers."
He emphasized, "Today the country's foreign policy regarding nuclear issue is solid, fully harmonized and satisfactory in a way that our officials have full command over making initiatives actively."
Referring to IAEA Board of Governors' latest Resolution, he said, "For the first time in its history, the IAEA was not able to pass its resolution unanimously and without vote taking."
Head of the country's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) reiterated, "The proposals put forth by the Islamic Republic of Iran at UN General Assembly disarmed our enemies, yet, in confronting any new situation we would put forth our genuine and new initiatives." He said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran acted quite modestly and nobly at the UN General Assembly, because otherwise the Iranian delegation would have presented the world public opinion a long list of documented accusations against hegemonic powers."
The IRI President reiterated, "Method adopted by oppressor powers is accusing and threatening, just as they are today accusing us baselessly and imposing pressure against us today."
He added, "Keeping in mind our nation's ideals and relying on pure logic, the government welcomes resuming negotiations on country's nuclear program patiently."
Ahmadinejad said, "Iran's strong logic and firm diplomacy is the guideline for all government officials in negotiations on country's peaceful nuclear program with foreigners, quite resolutely." The president meanwhile considered (British) accusations on Iran's interference in Iraq's internal affairs "awkward", arguing, "It is quite surprising that the occupiers who have come from thousands of kilometers away to Iran's neighboring country, trying to impose their hegemony there, shamelessly accuse us of interference in Iraq!" Ahmadinejad elsewhere in his address at the joint session appreciated the role and stands of the Islamic Majlis (Parliament), arguing, "Ideals, concerns, worries and viewpoints of the nation's deputies are the same as those of the government officials." He added, "We should take full advantage of this unique harmony at the service of fully accomplishing the achievements gained after the victory of the Islamic Revolution."
The president considered the people's expectations on the need to eliminate their problems, such as unemployment and social
discrimination "quite righteous", arguing, "Relying on harmony and full cooperation between the government and the Majlis we will eliminate those problems of the noble nation and offer greater services to them, as well."
He referred to dozens of important and key projects among the government's top priorities, saying, "Relying on the revolution's motto of 'Justice', that is derived form the context of our religious beliefs, and is the essence of Imam Khomeini's ideals, as well as the Supreme Leader's demands, the government has devised an important working agenda."
President Ahmadinejad added, "Pursuing that agenda's articles would lead our country toward achieving exalted objectives, relying on which the nation's well being and advancement could be assured." Elaborating on the government's plans, such as fair distribution of credits, allocation of material and human resorts to deprived parts of country fairly, and elimination of discrimination and inequality at national level, President Ahmadinejad concluded, "The result of pursuing such policies would be advancement and prosperity of Iran and the Iranians."

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