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EU wants better ties with Iran

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Brussels, Sept 30, IRNA
The European Union would like to see a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear issue and to continue dialogue with the Islamic Republic.

"We still want to see a diplomatic solution. That needs to be very clear. EU wants a better, broader relation with Iran as we have said all along," EU diplomatic sources told journalists in Brussels Friday noon.

The Council of EU Foreign Ministers will discuss the Iran nuclear dossier as well as EU-Iran relations in a meeting in Luxembourg on Monday.

Referring to the resolution on Iran adopted by the IAEA board on 24 September, the EU sources said, "The resolution gives Iran the opportunity within the coming weeks to influence what the
international community does next."
"The ball is really in Iran's court now. It can take confidence building measures and put us back on a more positive chart that would mean returning to the suspension of enrichment activity and returning to negotiations under the Paris agreement with the EU-3," said the sources speaking on condition of anonymity.

The EU Foreign Ministers are expected to adopt conclusions on Iran welcoming and supporting the IAEA resolution but also expressing support to a diplomatic solution on Tehran's nuclear issue, which should include an agreement on long-term arrangements.

"It is important that we want to keep the channels of
communication open to the Iranians. We hope that the Iranians will decide that they are willing to continue with us the comprehensive dialogue, that is the dialogue that we had throughout this period," said the EU sources.

"If we manage to negotiate a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) linked to a political dialogue, the political dialogue would be a step beyond the comprehensive dialogue. But the comprehensive dialogue is still there. We are ready to continue that dialogue and we hope that the Iranians are also," added the sources.

EU and Iran resumed TCA negotiations in January, 18 months after they were halted due to Tehran's nuclear programme.

Negotiations started after Iran agreed in November last year to voluntarily suspend the enrichment of uranium in exchange for closer European economic, technology, security and nuclear cooperation.

The seventh round of TCA negotiations were held in Brussels in May.


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